The Gaming Technology Making Headlines 2020

Gaming technology has advanced in major ways since the 1980s. The journey to the present has seen tremendous improvements in visual, connectivity, and usability technology.  The future is even brighter. Here is a rundown of the gaming technology making headlines.

  1. Facial recognition

Earlier this week on September 1st, Hyprsense, an AI and computer vision company, announced the launch Hypermeet. This facial recognition solution lets users create real avatars for gaming and video call applications.

The company says that the invention is driven by people’s need to spend more time online without showing their real faces. The facial recognition solution lets people create and use accurate avatars of themselves.

Hypermeet relies on real-time facial capturing to develop and present a live virtual version of a person that looks precisely like them.

The technology targets Millennials and Gen Zers that have become used to portraying themselves digitally in games. Relying on 3D scanning and facial recognition, Hyprsense avers that the solution will boost the digital experience making it as immersive as possible.

Facial recognition solutions like Hyprsense allows systems to create your likeness in the virtual world. You can create a real look-alike averter and even transfer your expressions to the digital creations.

Gaming companies are also relying on these solutions to develop highly interactive and responsive games. For example, a few frowns at your game screen could prompt the system to tune don the game’s difficulty level.

  1. Advanced live streaming

Nvidia has this week announced the launch of a new Nvidia Broadcast App that will use AI to turn gamers’ rooms into live studios.

The company says the broadcast app will dramatically transform people’s webcams and microphones, turning them into smart devices with artificial intelligence.

The new app targets to improve the entire live streaming performance, from sound to video quality and the “sheer layout of the streamers environment.” The new app can reportedly help people look and sound clearer. The app’s AI features offer noise removal, better virtual backgrounds, and an auto frame function that stabilizes the streaming frame.

The live streaming trend has not been limited to video games; online casinos are increasingly adopting new streaming technology. On a casino site like this one, games are run in real-time by human dealers.

The live casino experience relies on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for instantaneous data transmission between players, game control units, and live cameras.

  1. Voice Recognition

Alexa Skills Wayne Investigation, which was developed to help promote Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, is one of the creations in the gaming world that show the possibility of combining voice recognition with digital gaming.

The speech recognition gaming solution produces audio assets, and “Alexa, open The Wayne Investigation” is all that you need to utter to get started. The game understands and responds to voice commands such as “repeat options,” “go back,” or “skip,” and “help.”

Nevermind’s voice-activated controls work in a similar fashion, taking the immersive gameplay to a whole new level. The horror game relies on biofeedback for controls.

When a gamer becomes anxious, the game dynamically responds to the feelings and calibrates gameplay. Nevermind has a speech recognition function that relies on Intel’s RealSense technology.

Games like the ones above simplify and improve the experience. You get to let your hands rest. Although speech recognition has been around for a while, it’s only now that the world is waking up to its potential.

In advanced configurations, gamers can control the entire console with speech, control gameplay, and share their experience on social media hands-free.

  1. AR and VR

Virtual reality is all the rage now. Microgaming launched a VR roulette far back in 2015, and it has been a success so far. The game uses the Oculus Rift platform. Users need the Oculus Rift DK2 headset plus a controller like Leap Motion 3D for an immersive experience.

Even though there aren’t many virtual reality gaming consoles in the market now, the future of gaming is VR. Through VR headsets, new VR slots games deliver a fully immersive gaming experience.

And if the virtual world isn’t your cup of tea, you can get out of the house and bring the game to your physical reality. AR games like Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite relate the objects of the game on real-life things and places.