The Hardware and Software You Need to Run an E-commerce Store

Have you been thinking about starting your own online store so you can reap the benefits of doing business online and on your own terms? Then you need to be prepared to invest in the right hardware and software that will allow you to go about this process correctly. The last thing you want to do is invest your time into establishing an online store without using the right tools for success, as you won’t end up going very far. So, continue reading for a short list of the main resources that you will need to invest in to get the job done right.

SAP Software

A SAP portal is a great way to enhance the user experience of your e-commerce store, whether you are planning on selling products to consumers or to fellow businesses. Weaveability is a great example of a company providing high quality SAP portals that you can use to reduce your reliance upon your IT team, empower your customer-facing team and your marketing team, and reduce infrastructure requirements. These portals will be easy to use and they will make a huge different in your customers’ experience.

A Web Server

When it comes to hardware, you should consider investing in a web server, which is a device that you can use to host your e-commerce site. Everything, from your image files and HTML files, to your databases, will be stored on this server, and it can run on Linux or Windows operating systems. You will also need to invest in web server software, which will allow you to manage all of the access requests that you receive. Although web servers are a lot like a standard PC, they do have more memory and faster processors, so they are a lot more powerful. You can ensure that your site is always up and running if you have your web server under your own control; otherwise, you will have to purchase a plan from a hosting company that will allow you to use space on their web server to host your site.

A Shopping Cart

Another necessary tool that you will need for your e-commerce site is a shopping cart service that will allow your users to easily check out when they are ready to make a purchase. Look for a shopping cart that contains elements like merchant tools, various payment options, configurations for taxes and shipping, and security.

A Database System

Finally, to run an e-commerce shop, you will need a database system, which will effectively store your information securely. This information could include details about your customers, as well as your pricing, product descriptions, images, and more. Program your website so that it will be able to securely connect to your database. This will ensure that orders will be processed appropriately. Beyond that, invest in other technologies, such as MySQL or PHP, to allow for communication between your database management system and your site.

These are just some of the main pieces of hardware and software that you will need to successfully run an e-commerce store that is completely under your control and that is able to attract and retain visitors and buyers.

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