The Last of Us Part I is Now Steam Deck Verified!

Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy have recently unveiled update 1.1 for The Last of Us Part I PC. This significant patch brings numerous performance optimizations and incorporates Steam Deck verification into the game.

  • Optimizations to improve global CPU and GPU performance throughout the game
  • Overall improvements to texture and environment loading
  • Improved shader compilations times
  • Addressed issues where screen tearing could still occur with V-Sync enabled
  • Added support for players using third-party audio drivers
  • Added a new Very Low graphics preset (Options > Graphics > Graphics Presets)
  • Added a new AI Quality setting in the graphics menu (Options > Graphics)
  • Added a new Dynamic Lights Quality setting in the graphics menu (Options > Graphics)
  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash while shaders were building on AMD hardware
  • Fixed an issue where FPS could be impacted while enabling the AMD GPU Usage monitor (Options > HUD > GPU Usage)
  • Overall improvements to performance while playing on Steam Deck
  • Addressed a memory leak issue that could cause crashes on Steam Deck

IMG 5908

The PC version of The Last of Us Part I made its debut on March 28th, approximately half a year after the PlayStation 5 release. This iteration is built upon the remastered edition of Naughty Dog’s acclaimed 2013 masterpiece, featuring enhanced graphics, animations, and AI that surpass the original version of The Last of Us.

Nevertheless, the PC release encountered a range of technical challenges on lower and mid-range systems. In response, Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy diligently released multiple patches in the subsequent weeks to address these issues. Additionally, modder PureDark has developed a DLSS 3 mod for The Last of Us Part I PC, with an upcoming test of this mod featured on Wccftech.

Simultaneously, the modding community has been engaged in captivating endeavors, including a first-person mod and unlocking the debug menu. The latter empowers users to access and customize a wide array of new options within the game.