The Shift from Desktop to Mobile for Sports Betting

Of course, whatever you are doing in life, convenience and comfort has always been the number one attribute to desire. Nobody enjoys stress, especially when it could be avoided. With the arrival of online sports wagering, there was a dramatic increase in the convenience experienced in the sector. The increase in online betting in India was huge!

Previously, gamblers needed to make long trips to the sportsbooks or sports betting shops to wager on upcoming games. There were a lot of limitations and stress due to this, but lovers of the game kept doing their thing. The online sports betting system arrived, and websites were created for gamblers to place their wagers through their computer sets. This eliminated the stress of moving to a particular location outside your home and waiting on the queue to be attended to. The developers also incorporated the system that allows players to create their own accounts and wager on them. This leaves the sportsbooks with a history of players’ activities in the site and makes it possible to reward them and incentivize gaming for them based on what they’ve been up to at the online sportsbooks.

The Shift to Mobile Sports Betting

The full circle arrived with the creation of mobile technology. While online sport betting saved punters from the menace of shady bookies and the unpleasant trip to dingy sports betting shops, mobile sports betting eliminated the need for a huge computer set to wager on sporting activities. Some of the reasons why mobile gaming became the order of the day as soon as it arrived include the fact that it offers a user-friendly system that is also commonplace. On-the-go gaming makes it possible for people to keep tabs with their bets and to place bets in due time. It also benefits the sportsbooks. A look at the six billion mobile devices that are predicted to be in use by 2020 would reveal that at least 3 in 5 of them would be used for sports betting.

Rudiments of Mobile Sports Betting

  • To get the best of mobile gaming, punters are advised to use devices with larger screens, and there are many of them out there. Small screen devices are known to be prone to errors, so to avoid these, choose any of the devices with a larger screen.
  • Choose the sportsbooks that are more functional in your area. In this case, you need to know that functionality is more important than odds.
  • Ensure that the connection you are using to access the sportsbook is a safe one. Secure and reliable Wi-Fi connection is always advised.
  • Do not wager on sportsbooks that are not properly secured. Make sure you understand their encryption system and how effective it is before you choose them.
  • You can only get the best experience when you bet with modern smartphones that offer enough browsing speed.

The Shift from Apps to Web Browsers

With the completion of the shift from online sports betting to the mobile system, huge advancement is still being witnessed in mobile betting. There used to be a time when apps were at the center of this evolution. But the era of apps alone is gradually sliding away. There is a slight shift from the apps to the mobile platforms. This is because of convenience too. Also, most of the time, the mobile platforms used by spoortsbooks to offer sports betting to punters may be different from their normal PC platforms. There are 4 ways that these sportsbooks offer mobile betting.

The first method is through the dedicated apps. They are designed for different operating systems, especially android and iOS, and can be downloaded from the Google play store, iTunes store or from the sports betting sites.

There are some sportsbooks that their PC sites are also used by mobile users. Most times, the functionality of these sites are limited because they are not optimized for the intrigues of mobile betting and therefore navigating or loading in smaller screens becomes a problem. Many functions cannot load here and the experience could be annoying.

Some sportsbooks design their PC websites to be mobile responsive. When you access the site with the PC, it will give you all the functionality you crave, and when you access it with a mobile device, it will still adjust to the size of the screen of the device and offer you the mobile functionalities you crave.

The last are the sportsbooks that have dedicated mobile websites. These sites are designed specifically for mobile and the size and function of everything is mobile optimized. This is actually the best among them. It will load images, videos and the games faster and more easily, and navigation is easy too. They come with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces and are nice to use.

Mobile and Live Betting

One of the major areas where mobile sports betting trounced betting with PCs is on the live betting area. Live betting has become a popular form of betting in North America and Europe. It allows players to place wagers on games while the games are ongoing. People who watch the games at the stadiums can easily bring out their mobile phones and wager based on what they are seeing. Also, while you are surfing through social media or the news channels while out and about, information about a late injury, lineup, formation, or about a player can help you see a possible outcome that could make you rich. With this, you can always wager on that outcome with your mobile within minutes. This is easily done on mobile, as you can’t get home to your computer to do this.

How to Choose a Mobile Sports Betting Site

  1. When selecting a bookmaker to use for mobile betting, you must adhere to these instructions. They will make it easier for you to find the best. When you discover a good and reliable sportsbook to use, the exercise becomes sweeter.
  2. Ensure that the site is compatible with the device you will be betting with. Consider the operating system that your phone runs on, and see if the site is optimized for that. So, you need to test the site on your smartphone, tablet, or ipad to ensure that they are compatible.
  3. Always search for sportsbooks whose lines are very competitive. All of them are not the same. Some offer more competitive lines, and this increases the amount of profit available to your bottom line. You can easily get this information by looking at their odds.
  4. Make sure they offer enough bonuses and promotions, and that they come with conditions that are not too difficult.
  5. Check and see that your favorite sports are offered in the sportsbook. If you come across a sportsbook that does not offer the games you prefer betting on, you should keep looking.
  6. Also consider their user interface and how easy it is to navigate to the different sections of the site from the homepage.
  7. Make sure they have enough banking options, and that you can lay hands on one that you will be very comfortable with. Their minimum and maximum deposits and withdrawals, and processing times are very essential too.
  8. Also ensure that they have a working customer care system that has many avenues through which you can reach them. They must be responsive, and must work round the clock.