The Top Camera on Flickr in 2015 Was The iPhone

Photo storage and sharing site Flickr recently published their “Year in Review 2015” report in which they break down which photos where the most popular on the network, as well as what cameras were the most popular. Interestingly enough, Apple’s iPhone sits on the top of the list with 42% of photos on the network being taken by an iPhone. Next on the list is Canon’s EOS series of cameras with 27% and finally Nikon’s D series with 16%.


It is really no surprise that the iPhone is #1 on the list. Not only is it easier to shoot on an iPhone, Apple has upgraded the camera significantly over the past few revisions of the device. It is not just the iPhone either, Flickr reports that photos taken on camera phones make up 39% of photos on the network, followed by DSLR’s with 31%. This shows you just how many people are using their mobile devices as a camera as well.


You can check out Flickr’s full report here.

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