The Ultimate RGB Build: The Hardware


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NZXT Kraken X62When it came to cooling we did not want to do anything too in-depth like a custom watercooling loop as it is likely we would be switching out parts in this system. For that reason we decided to go for an all-in-one liquid cooling system. The NZXT Kraken X62 was the obvious choice as it has the awesome infinity mirror on the pump / block. This just gives us more RGB, but the cooler is really great as well and should be more than enough to keep our Core i7-7820X cool. Also NZXT Kraken’s have longer tubing than most, which should help out as we will be mounting this to the front of our case.

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NZXT AER RGB FansYes, NZXT makes RGB fans! Ones that you can control with their HUE+ RGB controller. These fans have an RGB ring on their inside frame and should look pretty awesome once installed. We are going to replace the fans on the Kraken X62 with 140 mm Aer RGB fans and then we are going to add three more 120 mm Aer RGB fans to the case. This should provide great airflow and look great as well!


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NZXT HUE+While many of the components in our system have RGB lighting we needed some RGB strips in there as well! We wanted software-controlled RGB LED strips where we could individually assigned each LED so the obvious choice was NZXT’s HUE+. Now we can control the fans, Kraken X62, and RGB strips all through NZXT’s CAM software. We got an extension kit for good measure as well.

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NZXT Internal USB HubWith all of these controllers and accessories we are going to have a lot of internal USB headers that are going to need to be connected. Our motherboard only has two USB 2.0 headers so we are likely going to need more. NZXT’s Internal USB hub solves this problem by adding three internal USB headers as well as two external ports.

So that is it guys, our Ultimate RGB Build! Let us know what you think of the hardware choices in the comment section below!

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