The Upcoming Oculus Quest 2 Details Leaked

Oculus Quest was a big success, and now is the time to get Oculus Quest 2. The predecessor had a Snapdragon 835 with inside-out tracking. The Oculus Quest boasts many exciting features like hand tracking, SteamVR tether, etc., which were brought through numerous software updates.

The leaks for the Oculus Quest 2 were provided by twitter user @hoxod and the leaked picture hints that the next-gen VR is going to be way better than its predecessor. Above all it is going to be wireless, which is the main magnet for the Oculus Quest lineup. Oculus Quest 2 is expected to have a better processor along with a white plastic built and a black face mask. The straps will get a redesign too with a single adjuster on the back.  It is expected to be slimmer than its previous model. The Quest 2 will have no visible IPD slider (a mechanism to change the screen position to allow better focus) and a single screen will be included instead of dual screens for the pair of eyes.

The tech website Nikkei recently claimed that Oculus Quest 2 is in the pipeline and will enter production in July 2020. Other sources claimed that production has been delayed until May 2021. Twitter user WalkingCat also shared the same leaked picture from @hoxod. WalkingCat carries a good reputation when it comes to the authenticity of the leaks.

We can expect a lower price tag for the upcoming Oculus Quest 2. The current Oculus Quest sells for 399 dollars for 64GB and 500 dollars for the 128GB variant.