Intel promises Xe Graphics reveal in 20 days in a now-deleted tweet

Intel is hard at work on its next generation of graphics. Labelled Intel Xe Graphics, it promises to improve the performance of Intel’s graphics offerings considerably. It seems like Intel may reveal the details about Xe Graphics in 20 days from now. Read on!

The announcement came in a tweet that was quickly deleted after, from the official handle of Intel Graphics. Take a look:

Intel Xe Tweet

The timeline, if this tweet is indeed accurate, would mean that we will get a reveal about the details of Intel Xe Graphics on August 14. There were no details on what will be revealed, but we expect Intel to make announcements about embedded mobile graphics, which are expected to ship with¬†Tiger Lake Mobile chipsets, Intel’s 11th generation chips.

The Tiger Lake reveal itself is expected on September 2, so this might purely be one for the Xe Graphics. What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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