There Are More Tools Than Ever For Website Builders

While it’s popular to outsource website design, there are many benefits to building your business site on your own. Not only can you save a great amount of money but now, with a comprehensive suite of tools included in the best affordable hosting plans, you no longer require an extensive knowledge base or great deal of design experience to start working. What’s more is that with the help of a professional website building program, you have the freedom to create a layout more in line with your branding goals; this gives you more control over how your business is presented to the public while helping you expand your own personal skillset as well.

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Hosting entities like HostPapa for example include a build it yourself, easy-to-use, drag and drop starter builder with all their hosting plans. It includes 3 pages, 120 professional templates to choose from, optimization for mobile devices including phones and tablets, and HTML editing allowing you to tweak designs as you go. If you’re eager to discover how you can build your own website you’ll also be chuffed to learn that there is the option to upgrade to unlimited, premium or enterprise-sized builders that are e-commerce enabled and compatible with a number of popular payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe. One-click publishing to Facebook pages is also offered as an upgrade.

For complete control, the premium website builder gives advanced users the ability crop and edit images online, edit CSS, or add javascript. To help connect users to all online profiles and personas, widgets can be added that conveniently take users to your social media pages; forms for opt-ins, like a monthly newsletter or weekly subscription can also be included. Furthermore, by doing it yourself you can make changes, and add or delete features as you like without liaising with the designer you would have contracted out. This allows you to make decisions about your online presence faster.

One thing to keep in mind when searching for hosting plans that include a website builder though is how reliable they are – will they for example optimize all your website pages to be easily picked up by search engines? Do they allow you to make your own modifications if there are keywords you want to include to get the best traction? Do they have a strong customer support centre with easy access to personnel? If they do, they should also provide you with resources to help teach yourself; look to see if they have articles, tutorials, or videos available to you so you don’t always have to call in with your questions.

It has never been easier for business owners to take control of their online activities and forgo hiring an costly design service when they can do the job themselves and become experienced in the process. From an easy to use cPanel, to various add-ons you can choose from like the popular WordPress interface, there are tools included in some of the country’s best hosting plans that make building and managing your website yourself simpler and arguably the more fitting option.

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