There Are Now Supplements For Gamers

Gaming has become such a massive industry over the past few years. With prizes for tournaments in the million, scholarships and college programs for gaming, and professional leagues, gaming keeps on growing and growing. Just when you thought gaming was completely monetized with energy drinks, merch, and accessories we now have supplements targeted specifically at gamers.

GodMode Supplement

GodMode has been introduced by Boss Level Labs out of Frisco, Texas. The pills are packed with 14 “brain-boosting nootropics”, which should improve cognitive functions in healthy adults. Besides promising to “supercharge your memory”, “improve your reaction speed 6-10%” and help you “think faster/smarter”, the God Mode pills are being touted as even being able to “reduce stress and anxiety”.

“No one in the department wants to talk about it because it is all hype and there is no scientific evidence” to support these types of claims, a Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine representative said in an interview to CNET.

Another surprising thing about these pills is that while the bottle carries an FDA-approved label, the pills were not, in fact, FDA-approved. Eurogamer has a great video on GodMode, which really tells you about the pills.

If you are still interested a 60-pill bottle will set you back $50.

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