Thermalright Announces HR10 Pro SSD Cooler For Gen5 SSDs

Thermalright has just announced a new cooling solution for the next generation of SSDs. It’s called the HR10 2280 PRO and is an updated version of their previous HR10 design, with some notable improvements. The new design boasts four 5mm heatpipes and a 30x30x10mm 12V fan. However, this fan is quite powerful and can reach speeds of 3500 to 6000 RPM, which means it may produce a considerable amount of noise when operating at its maximum potential.

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This SSD radiator is specifically designed to support NVMe SSDs in the 2280 form factor, and it can accommodate both one-sided and dual-sided storage. It measures 90.3×23.7×43.8 mm, and it’s capable of dissipating up to 45W of power.

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Thermalright has previously designed non-PRO radiators for SSDs in the past, such as the HR9 and HR10 non-PRO models. However, upon looking at the company’s portfolio of SSD coolers, it appears that the HR10 PRO is the first one to come with a fan. Initial reports suggest that the HR10 PRO will be priced at around 119 RMB, which is approximately 17 USD.

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