NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Is Now Available For 9% Below MSRP

In Poland, a retailer has decided to cut down the price of the latest NVIDIA GPU by 9%. The newly launched NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 was initially available at a price of 3199 PLN, which included the cost of the Founders Edition and the most affordable models with dual-fan cooling solutions and 8-pin power connectors. These are usually referred to as ‘MSRP cards’. Following the introduction of the fourth Ada Lovelace card for desktops, NVIDIA has started to offer the Founders design directly to its customers in Poland. This has made it easier for us to confirm the exact price of RTX 4070 in the country.

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One of the ‘MSRP’ cards released last week was the Palit RTX 4070 Dual. It is a model with dual-slot and dual-fan cooling and an 8-pin connector. The Palit GPU model is not pre-overclocked and does not contain any fancy features that gamers may find unnecessary or premium. Despite this, the card comes with a small RGB LED strip and a full cover backplate, which is the minimum you would expect.

As of now, the card is being offered for 2913 PLN, which is a direct 8.9% reduction from the MSRP. It’s important to mention that this specific card is not the only one available in Poland that is being sold below the MSRP. Gamers can easily find MSRP cards from other brands already available for 2999 PLN.

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When it comes to pricing, NVIDIA still has the flexibility to reduce it further, but this isn’t really surprising since almost every GPU ever released has a higher margin when it’s initially launched. The real question is how quickly NVIDIA and AIBs (Add-in Board partners) can reduce the margin.

Via KRSystems