Thermalright Announces Silver Arrow TR4 CPU Cooler

Thermalright has just announced a new variant of their Silver Arrow dual fin-stack, tower type CPU cooler for AMD’s socket TR4, which is meant for Ryzen Threadripper processors. This cooler is capable of handling thermal loads up to 320W, so it will be able to support the upcoming Threadripper II models.

th tr4 1

The cooler is the largest of Thermalright’s Silver Arrow coolers with official measurements of 155 mm x 103 mm x 163 mm (LxWxH). It is narrow to allow clearance for memory slots on either side of the TR4 socket.

th tr4 2

The two aluminum fin stacks also offset sideways to ensure there is clearance for your top PCI-Express slot on your motherboard. Besides the aluminum fin stacks there are eight 6 mm thick nickel-plated copper heatpipes that come out from the base of the cooler.

th tr4 3

You have the ability to mount an additional two fans on to either side of the cooler. Besides your mounting hardware the cooler will also come with the company’s Chill Factor III TIM. This is one heavy cooler at 1050g. No word yet on pricing.

th tr4 4

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