Thermaltake Core X71 Case Review

Final Thoughts
As I mentioned in the introduction of this review Thermaltake’s motto for the Core X Series is “Your Build. Our Core” and Thermaltake really delivers on that with the Core X71. The thing that I really like about the case is its modular design. Almost all of the mounts inside the case can be completely removed from the case or moved around. For example you can move the hard drive cage up a spot or even down into the bottom of the case. The cooling bracket on the bottom of the case can be moved to the other side of the case. The hard drive mounts on the back of the case support the same trays used in the main hard drive tray. There are two power supply mounts. So this case is ready, no matter what configuration you want.

Talking about being ready this case is ready for quite a lot of hardware! It is one of the largest Thermaltake cases we’ve ever reviewed! You can load this up with multiple graphics cards, well over 5 hard drives, two power supplies, and more! The water cooling support you have is just incredible. Up to a 480 mm radiator at the front of the case, and 360 mm radiators at the top and side of the case. If you want to go the air cooling route there is room inside for 11 140 mm fans! It was a little disappointing that this is such a large case and it only supports ATX motherboards. XL-ATX and E-ATX support would be nice.

With all of your hardware inside you are going to need route a lot of cables and possible water cooling. Thermaltake makes this easy as there are plenty of routing holes, not only on the motherboard tray either, you have holes going in-between both compartments of the case too. There is also more than enough room behind the motherboard tray to route all of your cables, so much so you don’t have to tie down cables if you don’t really want to.

Of course with any case ease of installation is important and with the Core X71 Thermaltake has made things easy for builders, even first timers. Many part of the case can be completely removed so you can install hardware outside of the case. You have a lot of room inside the case so you are not cramped when doing your installation. Thermaltake was smart enough to include an EPS extension cable as well.

Thermaltake is planning to launch this Core X71 with an MSRP of $149.99, and you can’t complain about that! Overall ThinkComputers gives the Thermaltake Core X71 Full Tower Case a 9 out of 10 score.

– Lots of room inside
– So many different cooling options
– Two Riing LED fans included
– Modular internal design
– Easy installation

– Only support for ATX power supplies

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