Thermaltake Versa N21 Case Review

The box is double corrugated with not much color other than the black Lettering. The box front basically shows a silhouette picture of the case the Thermaltake name and the Name of the case (Versa 21). The bottom right of the case has the web address for quick reference if you are in a brick and mortar store and need to check things about the case further.
Thermaltake N21 box front
The only difference between the front and the back of the case is the SNOW sticker is stuck on the front of the box to indicate that this box contains the White (Snow Edition of the case). This case does come in two other flavors, black and Translucent being the other two.
Thermaltake N21 box Back
The case is pretty light and the handles on the side make this case very easy to move around or carry to your final building location. On one side is just the simple picture of the case again with the Versa N21 Logo with the Thermaltake Brand name and the bottom with the Copyright information.
On the opposing side are the logo and the specifications, UPC, EAN and Serial Number of the case itself.
Thermaltake N21 box Sides
Opening the bottom of the case reveals the back of the case so the case is situated on the front side at the top of the case. The thick Styrofoam padding is very high quality and thick and the plastic cover is thin but very rugged for water and chemical damage considerations during shipment.
Thermaltake N21 Box Opened
A look at the total packaging with the box removed is unremarkable as almost every case that I have opened in the past two years have looked this way. The packaging for cases is pretty standard and the Thermaltake Versa N21 meets and exceeds the standards set for the packaging of this case
Thermaltake N21 styro covered
As I explained before the thin clear plastic cover is very strong and works well for keeping the insides dry and chemical free.
Thermaltake N21 fully Wrapped side
Going even further with the protection of the plastic parts the windows and vulnerable plastic top and front are covered with the tack-on type cover that comes off easy without leaving any sticky residue on the surface during removal.
Thermaltake N21 Wrapped side view
This final wrapping also keeps the door closed during shipping as an extra safety consideration.
Thermaltake N21 Front Wrapping
Overall the Standard of packaging has been met and exceeded with the packing of the Thermaltake Versa N21. We give Thermaltake the BEST Rating as they have done everything that can be possible to make sure that the case ends up at your door in the same condition that it left the factory. Great Job Thermaltake on the Packaging.

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