These Australian game streamers are garnering a global audience

We all have dreams of becoming the next Ninja and earning millions through streaming. It’s easy enough to get started on Twitch, but from there, the road to wealth and stardom is in your own hands. Back in the early days, when Ninja was still plain old Dickie Blewins, streaming was mostly a US pursuit.

In recent years, streaming has exploded and become a global phenomenon. The number of streamers on Twitch alone numbers about 10 million, up from 3.8 million three years ago. That doesn’t even consider other channels like YouTube.

Australia only has 25 million people in the entire country. However, some of the most memorable new streamers to emerge in recent years are from the Land Down Under. Here, we meet a few of them.

Loserfruit is the 2nd most popular female streamer in the world

Victorian streamer Loserfruit has six million followers split evenly over Twitch and YouTube. She started her streaming journey predominantly playing Fortnite, but also Overwatch and League of Legends. However, it was her comedic asides and her digressions into sharing stories of her everyday life that caused followers to hang around, and to invite their friends.

Gaming is still an important part of her streams, but she also presents content on health and fitness, plus a daily Just Chatting stream that is always lively. Combining subscriptions, ads and a sponsorship deal with Elf Cosmetics, she is believed to earn around $70,000 every month.

LazarBeam is an old-school gamer

One of the most viewed Australian streamers of all time, LazarBeam keeps it simple and sticks to the Ninja-style of meme-heavy presentation. His channel is mostly split between Minecraft and Fortnite. His no-nonsense presentation is actually quite refreshing in an age where so many streamers are just focused on being as outrageous as possible.

Either way, it has helped him make the big time. In 2021, he made an appearance in the Ryan Reynolds movie Free Guy, alongside other big online personalities including Ninja and Jacksepticeye.

KingDavotheDegen, Australia’s biggest online casino streamer

David Beattie is not the best known Australian streamer, nor is he the most popular. But he deserves his place among the top Aussie game streamers for his choice of niche. Casino gaming is massive in Australia, no other nationality spends more per capita on gambling. Yet Dave dares to rush in where angels fear to tread, and just occasionally it works.

Dave’s streams cover useful online gambling reviews for Aussies on a variety of casino pokies and he also shares his own fortunes and misfortunes. After having his Twitch stream curtailed due to a violation of community guidelines, he moved to YouTube and shared a magical moment with a $16,000 win on The Crypt. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

PaladinAmber takes no prisoners

Don’t be taken in by the geeky demeanor. PaladinAmber has become notorious for her take downs of any trolls who dare to enter her chat. She’s even prepared to stop the gaming for a “breaking news” segment to deal with them and call them out.

Speaking of games, you never know what might be happening. She mostly focuses on Fall Guys and Fortnite, but has also been known to throw in some curve balls including Stardew Valley, Stray, and the occasional horror game.

AmeDoll is Australia’s top Vtuber

VTubers will soon be as common on Twitch as human streamers, you read it here first. Some can be more style than substance, but cream rises to the top, and AmeDoll is fully deserving of all the plaudits and of her 42.4k followers on Twitch.

AmeDoll is a variety streamer, covering just about every game you can think of, including Witcher 3, Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing, Wild hunt and too many others to mention. AmeDoll also streams YouTube watch-alongs with her audience, and the content can range from animes to bizarre video clips.