ThinkComputers Holiday 2011 Staff Wish List

Mark Howland (Posts)
Samsung Galaxy Tablet


I still haven’t made the jump to purchasing a tablet, but when I do I know it will be the Galaxy tablet by Samsung, not only is Samsung an excellent company, but I’m also a big android fan (dont tell that to my iPhone though).  I couldn’t believe the speed of the Galaxy tablet, great screen size, crystal clear images, movies…etc.  Cant wait to get one. Oh and the OLED screen is incredible.



Since I do a lot of film, and looking to upgrade to top of the line tech, then the Sony XDCAM EX is something I really could use.  Not only can I produce high quality videos, the usability is incredible.  1080p High Definition at its finest, just the camera alone is all I need.  Really dont need to add much to it, tons of options will keep me happy for a long time.

OLED TV Monitor


When I saw these at CES last year, I almost cried.  These things were really super impressive.  The thing was, I don’t think I ever saw one over 32”.  When it comes to pure absolute quality to today’s markets, OLED is the way to go.  The price will destroy any wallet, they are NOT cheap by any means.  But they are so tempting, even when you see the 3D models.  Yep, something I really want.

Logitech G19


I’m a hardcore gamer, so why don’t I have this already? Who knows, probably cause I’m waiting till someone nice comes and hands me one.  But realistically, I think the price holds me back some.  This keyboard is incredible though, great keyboard for gaming by far, to my standards at least.  If you game hard, this is the keyboard to get.

Razer Naga Epic


Having a badass gaming keyboard is only ½ of gaming.  You still need one of the most important pieces, the mouse.  When it comes to MMORPG’s or even FPS games, the Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse is by far an incredible mouse to help your gaming destroying pleasures.  This is probably the 1st thing you should get when gaming is more than just casual.

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