ThinkComputers Holiday 2016 Staff Wish List

Derrick Ubbink (Derrick Ubbink)

Every year as the snow begins to fall I start to think about all of the sweet tech toys that I’ve been wanting throughout the year but haven’t been able to get yet. Then there’s the question of whether I’ve been good enough and frankly lucky enough to receive any those things; it’s Christmas after all! And just like clockwork, paired with those pangs of longing for exceptional new kit comes the yearly request from our illustrious editor Bob to drag our fingers across the keys and present to you our Holiday Wish List. And so without out further ado, my 2016 Holiday Tech Wish List.

Sony 7R II ($3198)
The first item on my list is a repeat from last years list (which makes me a little sad) but it has yet to be replaced in Sony’s line up and is still super impressive. The α7R II is a full frame beast contained within the much coveted compact mirrorless form factor. The specs really speak for themselves, 42.4 megapixel, 4K video, full frame back-lighted 35mm sensor, and 5 axis stabilization are just the highlights of the features foud within this body. Essentially the α7R II offers the full functionality of a DSLR minus the considerable bulk.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition ($59.99 if you can find it!)
My next electronic object of desire is a bit more within the average budget than the rest of my list. By now most everyone is familiar with this little plastic box of joy. Reviving 30 classic NES games, Nintendo has built a miniature console preloaded with those classics in a tiny form factor. These little guys released a while back and to the dismay of many, they immediately sold out. Sure you can play these games on many emulators on just about every system, but there is something special about that classic gray plastic and those rectangular controllers.

BenQ HT2050 ($679.99)
Last year my list included a home theater projector as well. Turns out I didn’t get it nor did I end up finishing the theater room I wanted to place it in. This year I’m already started on fixing that situation and am working steadily on finishing the projector space. While the 4K Sony I had picked out would have been sublime, it is certainly a handful of dollars out of my reach. This year I am picking out this realistic substitute, the BenQ HT2050. At only $600 on Amazon this 1080p DLP projector puts out a nice 2200 lumens, has short throw capabilities, and is wifi equipped. It should be just what I need for that theater at home feel.

Alphacool NexXxos ST30 Full Copper 280mm ($72.99)
A recent pc build has me in the mood to do some modding and custom watercooling. The case will accept a maximum of 280mm radiators and saving space and keeping things open is one of my priorities. The NexXxos series radiators have full copper cores and a serious reputation for performance. The ST30 is only 30mm thick, a pair of these beauties topped off with a full set of Gelid Wing 14s should be just the thing to keep a pair of GPU’s and my CPU nice and cool under a decent overclock.

HTC Vive ($799.99)
If there is one product segment that excites me more than any other, it’s got to be VR. Currently I’m the humble but proud owner of a Google Daydream view headset and I’ve spent time with both the Vive and the Rift. As a consummate nerd, no experience or game system excites me quite like VR and none of the available headsets really gives you the same fully immersive environment found using the Vive. And while I feel that the next generation of headsets will really be where the fun begins, I have to put the Vive on my current wishlist.

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