ThinkComputers Holiday 2016 Staff Wish List

Jack Wager (view posts)

Luma 1 Pack ($149)

I promptly pre-ordered Luma 3 pack after CES 2016. My 3 pack arrived in August 2016 and I’ve been pleasantly happy across the board with the experience Luma has provided. Although because I have eliminated some powerline adapters in favor of using Luma’s LAN out port, some of my wireless coverage has been compromised. I don’t have any dead zones, but adding a 4th Luma will boost signal in the back part of the house to ensure quality speeds anywhere in my home.

TP-Link 8 Port Switch ($48.95)

For whatever reason, I can never have enough Ethernet ports. With about 15 wired devices on my network, it’d be a huge boost to get some more ports. I already have one of these TP-Link 8 Port Switches, and I like it because it uses a standard power cable instead of those gigantic AC to DC adapters. Except it is quite a bit more expensive than a standard 8 port desktop switch.

Axiom Audio EP350 Subwoofer ($890)

A while back I finally got the center channel speaker I had wanted. Now I need one more piece to complete my home theater, a subwoofer. I’ve waited to get a subwoofer because my front speakers provide a substantial amount of bass for their specs and size. But having a complete system is a nice feeling, and this 12” sub from Axiom would definitely add extra boom to my movies, games and music.

Oculus Touch ($199)

Virtual reality is possibly the coolest thing ever. I love my Rift, but it wasn’t cheap, and neither is Oculus Touch. I’ve used HTC Vive and really liked their controllers. The reviews for Touch have emphatically supported the product. My desire to pre-order Touch was low, but now I must have it! More virtual reality can’t be a bad thing 🙂

Digital Copies of Games, Movies and Music

I have stacks of games, movies and music. STACKS! Physical copies of media take up space, gather dust and I have to actually get up, get the disc and put it into an optical drive (which are becoming less common). Converting movies to digital copies is possible with VUDU’s Disc to Digital service. Although I don’t know of any pay-once method to convert my music or games. I can use iTunes Match for music, but then I perpetually pay $25/year. And what if Apple stops offering iTunes Match? So, this is more of a wish for a company (Amazon, Apple, Spotify, Microsoft, etc.) to provide a pathway to convert my physical media into digital copies without it costing an arm and a leg.

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