This Blu-Ray Disc Will Last for 1000 Years

You might me wondering if it’s really true that a Blu-ray disk can actually last for a 1000 years! Well yes you read that just right. The “M-DISC” created by Utah-based Millenniata will be available later this year with a capacity of 25 GB. Well if you put your data on a disk, flash drive or any storage device and check it after 5 years, there will be a lot of uncertainty whether it will be intact or not but this Blue-ray disk guarantees its 1000 years of life.


Just to educate you guys on this, it will be interesting for you to know that it is a writable disk that uses an inorganic mineral layer (made of metal and metalloids) to store data unlike other writable DVDs. The laser strikes that layer and burns a hole in it. Because it is physically burnt into that inorganic mineral layer, it will not change over time thus increasing the life of data.

These discs cost around three dollars apiece but the Blu-ray version will cost more than that may be 3 times higher in price. Sale of these DVDs haven’t started off yet but are expected to hit the market any time sooner or later.

The new M disk Blu-ray (25 GB) boosts the ability to meet our never ending digital storage needs and at the same time giving us a feeling that the data is in safe hands. This Blu-ray disk does not require any special firmware change; it would be compatible with all Blu-ray burners.

This disk will certainly take the optical media to a new dimension. For more announcements keep stopping by.

Source: Millenniata | News Archive

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