iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 Reportedly Delayed

For the curious, we hate breaking your hearts. The much awaited iPhone 5s launch has been delayed due to some technical reasons. According to the sources the launch was due sometime soon this year but now it has been postponed to October due to shortage of retina displays.

It looks like we would have to do the back to school season without the new iPhone 5s this time, since there is a production conflict going on which is delaying Apple’s 2013 flagship Smartphone. Well if you guys think the bad news has ended here, then you should give it a second thought since the retina display issue has not only effected iPhone 5s launch but at the same time iPad mini2 release as well. That must be quite a shock for you guys, we know.


There are rumors that Apple wants to place such specifications in its new iPad mini 2 that it really becomes a premium product of the year 2013 with a quad core processor running iOS7.

Besides the bad news of delayed release of these two Apple gadgets, none of these reports will change the fact that Apple will showcase their refurbish iOS7 mobile operating system since WWDC is just around the corner. Let’s hope the budget friendly iPhone mini which Apple is working on right now becomes a successor too.

No other details on specifications and pricing have been released. Please keep stopping by for latest updates.

Source: VR-Zone | News Archive

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