This Massive External Cooler From Bykski Can Cool Up To Four GPUs At The Same Time

Tom’s Hardware has featured Bykski’s massive water cooler. This isn’t something you’d put in a chassis; it may be bigger than many desktop computers. Nine 120 mm fans spread out throughout the B-1080-CEC-large X’s radiator. With the pump, radiator, and reservoir already fitted, this is a complete solution. G1/4 fittings, coolant, and a cooling device are only required.

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Users can connect this device to a CPU water block or a graphics card liquid cooler. According to the product description, it can be both, and customers may extend up to four graphics cards. It can support up to 2000W of “antipyretic capacity,” which means you can operate a cluster of powerful desktop GPUs. Bykski markets this solution for workstation computing systems with four or more GPUs.

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At 42 x 48 x 14 cm, this cooler is comparable in size to many Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboard-based personal computers. It will undoubtedly fix the cooling problem but also take up a lot of space. The radiator can be physically separated from the GPUs, giving the user some control over the system’s temperature.

A Japanese retailer has offered Bykski’s external cooler for 72,356 JPY, which is around $525.

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Via CoolingLab, Tom’s Hardware