Three alternative games to try when you want a break from an intensive gaming session

We all know the feeling of installing a new game and wanting to do nothing but play it for the rest of the week. You want to throw yourself into the world of high-quality graphics and exciting gameplay and not come out again until you physically can’t stay up any longer. The only problem is that intensive gaming can become exhausting after time. Your eyes can start to feel strained by looking at the monitor, or even multiple monitors, for so long. You start to feel a headache from either the characters or your team online shouting orders at you. That’s why it’s important to take a break every now and again. If you’re looking for a little light relief, here are three alternative games that need a little less concentration that you can play in the meantime.

Visit the virtual casino

Gaming is a great form of escapism. It helps you forget about whatever you’re worrying about in life and transports you somewhere completely different. Depending on what game you’re playing, it could take you to a medieval land, a battlefield or even outer space. While these all sound fun, sometimes it’s good to escape to somewhere with a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere. Why not try somewhere a bit more sophisticated, like a virtual casino hall, to unwind. If it’s good enough for James Bond to relax from the stresses of being a secret agent, it’s got to be a good choice.

There’s a wide range of different casino games to play online. If you’re looking for a game of skill, you could always try your hand at poker. If you’re after slowing down the pace of your games, you could try your luck on a much simpler game. You might think simply marking off numbers on a sheet wouldn’t be exciting, but on websites like Maria Bingo it most definitely is. The website has big cash prizes on offer to the winners, and the graphics and gameplay are extremely impressive considering that in real life the game is as low tech as being handed a piece of paper and a marker pen.

Go retro

If you’ve had enough of high-quality graphics and complicated gameplay, why not try going low res for a bit. Head back to where gaming first began. Before the Internet, before gamer chairs and before the fast components out computers run on today. So many of the games that used to be played in the arcades a few decades ago are all available online. Why not try and simply cross the road in Frogger, avoid the ghosts in Pacman or even just bat a ball in Pong.

Head to the small screen

If you really feel like a break from your gaming set up, why not leave the house and play on your small screen instead. Games like Pokémon Go can transform the town or city you’re living in to a land where the little creatures actually exist. They even reward you for exercising. As a kid, many of us always dreamed about being able to run around and catch Pokémon. Make sure you live out those childhood dreams now technology has caught up with your younger self’s imagination.