Tips to Grow Instagram Followers Fast

For many Instagram users, the number of followers is crucial to assess how successful a company or an influencer is. When we’re striving for success on social media, selling online courses, or offering coaching, follower count seems to be one of the most important metrics.

Growing your follower count is the way to go. There are platforms like IG Instant where you can buy Instagram followers cheap and boost your account. This option is not bad at all because you can get as many as 10k followers on Instagram. There are other options you can also try to increase your following. We’ll help you with these tips to get your Instagram followers skyrocketing. The best thing about it: It costs you nothing but your commitment.

Cooperate With Other Instagram Accounts

Find one or more people with the same target group and develop added value for your communities together! Ideally, you are not a competitor but complement each other perfectly. An example: Sarah sells organically certified snacks on her Instagram channel. Helena markets natural cosmetics on Instagram. Anna is a health coach and uses her Instagram channel to win customers for coaching and online courses.

None of the three are in competition with one another but – to put it simply – have the same target group. So everyone can benefit from cooperation. Examples of collaboration are shoutouts, competitions, and joint projects.

Be Really Active on Instagram

Set a goal of posting at least three times a week. Instagram loves active members and rewards them with increased reach. So here it comes down to continuity. If you want to publish more than three posts, this is great. However, it must not lead to the quantity or quality of your postings suffering in the following week, which means: quality over quantity.

In addition to your posting frequency, the interaction on your Instagram profile also plays an essential role in the algorithm. The goal is to increase the number of comments under the postings, for example. Integrate questions into your posting texts! This is how you encourage interaction with your followers. Also, the increased use of Instagram Stories leads to an increased reach for your accounts.

Put Yourself in Your Community

By really putting yourself in your community, you promote the identification of your community with yourself and thus ensure a strong bond with your community. These three questions will help you to put yourself in the shoes of your followers:

  • How can I best package my message so that it helps the customer of my choice?
  • How can my dream customer identify with it?
  • What does my follower get from reading this post?

Write Specific Comments on Instagram

Since your time is precious, use it wisely when writing comments on Instagram. Therefore, write detailed comments where your target group is already. This includes competitors but also all accounts that match the interests of your target group.

Be Different and Differentiate Yourself from Others

If you orient yourself too much towards others, it can lead to pretense. With this, you may not lead your desired customer to you. Have the courage to be yourself. This is how you are authentic and, thus, personable and attractive to followers and potential customers.

Use your strengths: are you more of a copywriter? Photographer? Videographer? Story genius? Start with what is easy for you and build on it. Build the business that suits you, not someone else.

BONUS TIP – Use Instagram Trends as a reach boost!

Pick up current topics and use the latest functions of Instagram! (#facefilter #challenges #IGTV) Apart from the fact that these activities get you more followers, they are also fun.

Don’t judge yourself by your number of followers alone. It is more important how intensive you are in exchange with your community about comments or DMs. This is where the real potential for you and your business or heart project lies. 50 active followers are much more valuable than 500 followers who are just a number for your account but do not support your business in any way.