Tips to prevent crashes when parking your car

When a person wants to learn to drive, among the first maneuvers he must learn to perform the maneuvers to park the vehicle. And although it may seem simple, the truth is that parking the car can be a headache for expert and novice drivers.

Knowing some of the complications that may arise when parking, we will give you tips that you can follow to make the task easier for you.

Whether we live in the big city or if we are visiting, parking in the center is our ideal of comfort but a challenge that we cannot always meet. How can we ensure a parking space in the big cities?

Let’s make numbers: how much time do we lose at the wheel simply by going around and looking for a parking space? In a pace of life where mobility has become a necessity, finding parking in areas where displacements are continuous as the center of the cities has become a headache. This brings about starting the workday with stress, worrying throughout the day in case we have not parked properly or add displacements on foot that we did not consider (nor did we feel like).

To all this we must add the addition of other inconveniences such as municipal ordinances that regulate traffic, areas where parking does not come free, danger of other drivers getting too close to our vehicle or being penalized for not doing so in a suitable place.

But this routine does not have to be an odyssey if we have planning and we know how to move properly through these saturated areas of vehicles. How can we make sure to park in the center of the cities?

Main problems when finding downtown parking

Before finding the solutions, we must consider the different problems of finding parking in the center of the big cities, so that before they appear, we know how to get around and do not have to spend more time than we should in our car.

– Greater number of displacements: in the centers of the big cities there are concentrated not only much of its cultural attractions that make them accessible for tourism, but also the financial, commercial centers and many other activity centers that articulate the life of the big city.

– Greater number of pedestrian areas: another of the great attractions of city centers is that they have a greater space to walk quietly. Space that involves subtracting traffic to the area but increasing it in the adjacent ones.

– Protocols and regulatory ordinances: so much mobility problem has caused the main municipalities to have put the batteries and developed municipal regulations that regulate access to the historic center or protocols that lower levels of pollution on saturation days.

– Increase in costs: parking in the center of a big city will hardly be free. Blue and green areas are frequent, may be more expensive than parking in a specialized parking lot and are even subject to time constraints.

– Many parking lots have not implemented an integrated car park system.

Tips for finding parking in the city center

– Use a small car: a few years ago it was common in families with several vehicles that the most ostentatious was dedicated to work displacements. Nowadays it is much more practical to allocate the smaller one to be able to park it in small places.
– Go to new technologies: from Google Street View to applications to find parking, they can become your best allies when it comes to reducing waiting times and even saving on parking.
– Plan your stay: the more we improvise, the longer you wait, circulating without meaning and with the uncertainty of where our parked car will end. If we go to the center to make some purchases, we can look for the parking of a shopping center, if we go to it to work day after day, options such as car parks for companies save us time, dislikes and money.
– Make numbers: sometimes we refuse to go directly to a paid parking lot thinking that we save more by parking the car on the street but, at the sum of what it can cost us more than likely green or blue zone, not always cheaper, we must add the time of search of place and its consequent expense in fuel, much greater in short speeds.

Hope the tips can help!