Titan Skalli TTC-NC05TZ/NPW (RB) CPU Cooler Review


Test Rig:
Intel i7 870 LGA 1156 CPU
ASRock P55 Extreme motherboard
OCZ Platinum DDR3-1333 7-7-7 4GB Low Voltage Dual Channel Memory Kit
Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 1GB Video Card
OCZ Z Series 650 Watt PSU
Ikonik Zaria Midtower
Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit

Installation is simple due to the pushpins. Though I made the earlier comment about being able to install pushpin coolers without removing the motherboard, they are actually best installed with the motherboard removed, especially after they have been installed and removed a few times due to the barbs not fitting into the holes as well as when new.

The cooler came with the mounting bracket for LGA 1156 and LGA 775 installed. If you look closely at the opening for the pushpin, it is oblong to allow the pushpin to slide.

Prep the CPU with isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth. Apply thermal compound to the CPU surface. Titan recommends that a thin coat be applied, do so with a credit card or other thin flexible object.

Titan Skalli TTC-NC05TZ/NPW (RB) CPU Cooler Titan Skalli TTC-NC05TZ/NPW (RB) CPU Cooler

Prep the cooler base with isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth.

Ensure that the pushpins are each properly configured for installation. Each one should be turned as far clockwise as they will go. You will note a counter-clockwise arrow on each pushpin, turn the opposite direction. Place the pushpin barbs into the cooler mounting holes on the motherboard. Ensure that each barb is seated completely in the hole before locking the pins. Push opposite pins down at the same time, until you hear an audible “click” from each. If the motherboard is out of the case, look at the back of the motherboard to see that the pushpins are locked. If the motherboard is in the case, slightly turn the cooler, it should already be tight against the CPU. If it is not properly seated, turn the pushpins counter-clockwise to unlock them and reinstall the cooler.

Titan Skalli TTC-NC05TZ/NPW (RB) CPU Cooler Titan Skalli TTC-NC05TZ/NPW (RB) CPU Cooler

Lock the remaining pushpins. Place the PWM connector on the CPU_fan connector on your motherboard. Complete any remaining installation you may have left on the rig, and you’re done.

Titan Skalli TTC-NC05TZ/NPW (RB) CPU Cooler Titan Skalli TTC-NC05TZ/NPW (RB) CPU Cooler

You may want or need to make adjustments in your motherboard’s BIOS to change the fan speed. I left things at max just to see how loud the cooler is, then changed it later to ramp up as the CPU gets hotter. At full speed (just over 1500 RPM) the Skalli was barely audible, not loud enough to be noticeable with the case closed in my already very quiet rig. Anything under about 1200 RPM was totally silent.

Titan Skalli TTC-NC05TZ/NPW (RB) CPU Cooler

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