Titan Skalli TTC-NC05TZ/NPW (RB) CPU Cooler Review

For temperature monitoring, I used ASRock’s OC Tuner, which serves both as a software overclocker and hardware monitor. Ambient room temperature during all testing was 71F. Intel Turbo Boost and Intel Speed Step were disabled so the CPU would run a constant speed.

Idle temperatures were measured after the rig sat idle for 30 minutes. Load temps were attained by running 8 threads of Prime95 set to large FFTs, and measured after running it for 30 minutes.

I compared the Titan Skalli with the Prolimatech Mega Shadow, which happened to be the cooler I was using just prior to installing the Skalli. It is a 120mm tower with a split radiator, and six 6mm heatpipes, and costs more than twice the cost of the Skalli.

First I checked the temps at stock clock of 2.9gHz.


So far so good…but the real test comes when overclocking the CPU. I overclocked the CPU to 4.2gHz, which is a 40.8% overclock. In the process I cranked the CPU voltage to just over 1.4v, which definitely warms things up.

Titan Skalli TTC-NC05TZ/NPW (RB) CPU Cooler