Titan Skalli TTC-NC05TZ/NPW (RB) CPU Cooler Review

The Titan Skalli performed nearly as well as the Mega Shadow at OC load. Keeping the CPU at 74C isn’t what I would necessarily call great, but not bad at all for a small footprint cooler with a 100mm radiator. Keep in mind that the i7 870 is a 90 watt CPU…I would say that the Skalli would probably have a very hard time keeping overclocked 130 watt LGA 1366 i7s under the shutdown temperature of 90C, so keep that in mind if you are considering the Skalli for a heavily overclocked i7 920 or i7 965. Though it should work just fine with those CPUs at stock clock or a mild overclock.

I personally like the Titan Skalli. It looks good with its non-standard fan, especially with the chrome blades. The small footprint would definitely be less crowding in a midtower, and would likely allow it to be used in some smaller form factor cases, maybe even some HTPC cases. It would also fit in many “off the shelf” cases making it an excellent replacement for noisy and poor performing stock Intel and AMD coolers.

The Skalli performed satisfactorily with the LGA 1156 i7, with a 41C stock load temp, and a 74C OC load temp.

The Skalli sells for around $30, which definitely puts it in the economy class. There are a few coolers out there at that price that perform better, but all are 120mm coolers. If a 120mm cooler is just too large for your needs, the Skalli may be what you are looking for.

ThinkComputers.org gives the Titan Skalli CPU Cooler a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Looks great
– Smaller footprint than many coolers
– Sufficiently cooled the Intel i7 870
– $30 price tag

– Probably not a good choice for 130 watt i7 processors