Top 10 Perks of the Self Exclusion Scheme – Gamstop

Whether you are into casino games or prefer to place sports bets occasionally, you have, surely, heard of GamStop! This service was launched in 2018 by an infamous body called the National Online Self Exclusion Programme. However, many experts believe that GamStop was established by the UKGC itself, as none other can use the title “national” regarding gambling.

In March 2020, the UKGC obliged all online gambling providers to take part in this service. Otherwise, the committee will terminate the naysayers’ licenses! Through GamStop, all players can block themselves from accessing online casinos, sports betting sites, slingo and poker networks and other gambling service providers who hold the UKGC license! With just one GamStop subscription, the player can exclude himself from accessing all gambling apps and sites that work in the UK.

However, despite the great benefits that GamStop provides for reducing compulsive gambling behaviour, it is not a panacea. The problem gambler must strengthen his defence lines by following up with a specialist. Requesting a suspension of his credit cards. Seeking help from his family and friends. Above all, the player must first realize the extent of the problem and do all he can to strengthen his will power to solve this problem and get a powerful immune to not face this issue again in the future. So, GamStop only paves the way to rectify problematic gambling behaviour.

How Does GamStop Work?

To stop your gambling activities for a while using GamStop, go to its website, and follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Register” tab
  • Fill in the subscription form, which asks you for the basic details and personal info like: (full name, date of birth, address, mail).
  • Define the self exclusion period, which can range from 6 months, 1 year, to 5 years as a maximum.

Within a few minutes, the service will confirm your account and send you an e-mail containing the beginning date of your cooling off period and the end date. Also, it will include the contact info with the customer care team.

GamStop scheme is designed to aid the following types of players:

  • Players who want to protect their savings and assets from wastage.
  • Punters who have had high levels of debt due to gambling.
  • Players who do not want to risk their relationships because of gambling.
  • High rollers who want to stop wagering thousands of dollars on a few spins/ rounds.

The common feature among these players is that they cannot control their gambling addiction or adequately manage their budgets. To clear this up, think how much time you spend on social media, that time or even more is spent by problem gamblers on online casinos and sports betting sites!

What Are the Perks of GamStop for Players?

Once you activate your GamStop account, you can’t resume playing at gambling sites during the length of the self exclusion. It is worth noting that the GamStop ban can be lifted only when the selected period passes. Therefore, if the user attempts to log in to any UK casino or sign up for a new account at a new casino, he will be blocked even before making the first deposit!

However, this service covers only the sites and apps that hold the UKGC license. So, excluded players will still have a chance to play at offshore casinos, which hold the licenses of the overseas committees, like In general, casinos not on GamStop are a big loophole in the GamStop wall! These casinos offer a larger collection of bonuses and promos, varied game packs, and support a wide range of popular payment methods. Thus, GamStop users can resort to one of these sites during the lengthy exclusion period.

The other great feature of this software is that all your data and info will always remain confidential.

The most powerful feature of GamStop, which gives it meaning, is stringency. Once a player subscribes to the scheme, he cannot cancel his account or modify the cooling off period. Thanks to this feature, GamStop gains the mandatory status. Therefore, the problematic gamblers cannot lift the ban on their gambling activity until after the end of the specified period.

We can summarize the GamStop perks for gamblers in the following points:

  1. Completely free of charge.
  2. Stop reckless spending on casino games and sports betting.
  3. It prevents players from touching the red line.
  4. Helps players rectify their gambling habits and save their time for fruitful things.
  5. Getting rid of personal weakness and building a success story to enhance self confidence

What Are the Perks of GamStop for Casinos & Sports Betting Sites?

On March 21, 2020, the UKGC required all regulated gambling sites to cooperate with GamStop to fight gambling addiction. This partnership is mandatory for all sites, otherwise, the GamStop scheme will be useless! In other words, for example, if the integration with GameStop was optional for gambling sites, what would prompt them to register with it?!

On the surface, adding GamStop can be harmful to online casinos and sports betting sites because they may lose many players, but this is not true!

The online casinos and sports betting sites that participate in this service are socially responsible, reliable. They do not exploit players who cannot control their gambling behaviours. Thus, they will gain players’ trust and can gain new players and keep their registrants.

No site can refuse to partner with GamStop if they want to retain their license!

GamStop Perks for Gambling Sites:

  1. All gambling sites must integrate it to maintain their UKGC license.
  2. Add legitimacy and reliability
  3. GamStop integration means the casino is socially responsible. So, it can gain new players and maintain its pre-registered base; As it offers both fun and protection.
  4. A successful step towards social welfare.
  5. Reduces compensation cases brought by gamblers against casinos for exploiting their addiction.


All in all, GamStop has a wide range of features for both gamblers and casinos alike. It protects players who are prone to gambling addiction. Helps them rectify their habits. Offers many options of self exclusion periods. Prevents gamblers from accessing all forms of gambling with just one account. For gambling sites, GamStop also has a lot of benefits, as it bestows more reliability on them. However, subscribing to GamStop is only the first step to get rid of gambling addiction! This issue needs a great effort and implementing a recovery plan from the problematic gamblers.