Top 5 VR Games for Your Android Phone

Have you been wondering what virtual reality is? This is the right time to explore it through games. It is one of the biggest things in the video game industry today and a lot of designers are supplying VR glasses games for Android devices. So, what are you waiting for? There are numerous games on free VR apps you can start enjoying.

The good news is that you don’t need sophisticated gear to taste the excitement of VR. With a simple Android smartphone, you can pick up any game you want right now. But it is recommended that you get an affordable headset for VR that is compatible with your phone to play the games as intended. You may have a phone that supports virtual reality but you must confirm it. Even if it is compatible, a headset will be a wonderful addition. With powerful handsets like PlayStation VR, you have a lot to enthrall you from a broad spectrum of VR gaming options.

The following are the best 5 games for a VR player who uses an android phone.  Whether you are a hardcore, casual, or beginner gamer, the gaming scenarios listed below will please you as you shoot enemies and battle zombies.


  • GermBuster

If you are seeking a simple game that won’t take much time learning, the GermBuster should be on your bucket list. It comes with spectacular graphics plus a fun factor. How it works is like the arcade first-person shooter in which case the player makes use of a bubble gun to get rid of the alarming germs. You have to use motion-based controls with your body to explore a stage which can either be a living room, kitchen, or bedroom. You will be fighting an army of green blob germs as you try to escape being slimed. Expect a space that resembles PS2 with magnificent graphics which provide a cutting-edge essence as far as VR gaming goes. Even though the creator of GermBuster claims that you don’t need equipment to play it, cardboard should come in handy if you need optimal enjoyment.

  • Zombie Shooter VR

It is hard to talk about video games without mentioning zombies. In Zombie Shooter, you will encounter a terrific planet inhabited by zombies. The dark space and zombies will terrify you as you battle them with a number of weapons. Here, you employ the look-to-shoot control style which provides an immersive and user-friendly interface. To start off, choose a weapon and hurl it towards the unclear tunnels in which the zombies await you. To make things more exciting, the game provides a complete 360-degree view and you can play with just any VR glasses games on the market today. To defeat the zombies, you must be very focused, vigilant, and absolutely ready.

  • VR XRacer

Video games can be very time-consuming, especially if you are still studying. You can always click here now and explore this visual world without worrying about your studies. This is the best VR game for racer fans. Learning the game is quite easy and you can be sure of a fun play time. Basically, you get on a hovercraft and zip past obstacles and spectacular 3D geometrical pillars at incredibly high speed. This game tests your ability to move at a heart-throbbing acceleration style. To control the spacecraft, you simply bend your head sideways to move past obstacles. As you move up the scores, the game gets harder and harder. You also get a chance to use multicolored themes.

  • Adventure Time (I See Ooo VR )

Do you like animated actions from the Cartoon Network? You can enjoy the Adventure Time in virtual reality using a cardboard. It is one of the most highly polished android games and most importantly exciting. Like in the CN series, every screen is gorgeously printed as wall art. However, the gameplay doesn’t follow the series plot but this game is the best for you if you love adventure time.

  • Sisters

To the horror lovers, Sisters is the perfect game for jump scares integrated into virtual reality. Horrific experiences and VR augur so well, giving you a new terror domain. This is exactly what Sisters presents. It is a story-driven conundrum with a beautifully captivating environment which gets the VR player inside an old-fashioned house in the middle of the storm. You get a 360-degree exploration with 64-bit graphic visuals. What’s more, the straightforward appearance-based controls allow you to feel as if you are inside the creaky house. However, the game responds to whatever you look at so you can expect lots of fright and scares. Only a courageous player can overcome the Sisters horror.


There are some inexpensive VR headsets such as Google Cardboard which you can build for yourself or purchase online. If your budget allows, you can choose the pricier end and buy options like Google Daydream or Samsung gear VR which are actually more affordable as compared to Oculus and Vive. Google Cardboard is a spectacular avenue to VR gaming. Most likely, your Android phone supports it. That said, start grabbing your preferred content and become an expert in the virtual reality world. It’s going to be fun!

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