Top 7 Mobile Phones Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

The smartphone industry is volatile when it comes to ever-changing technological trends. Not long back, smartphones just meant WhatsApp and calling. Then Xiaomi broke the barriers with their first Mi Mix phone. Since then, every mobile phone company has embraced bezelless technology, including Apple (iPhone X), Samsung (Galaxy S8/S9, Note 8/9) and Huawei (Mate 10 series, P20 series).

With mobile giants such as Apple and Xiaomi introducing new models every day, the time has come to gear up and anticipate the upcoming trends for 2019

What does 2019 have in its bag for you? We have dusted our crystal ball to dig the top upcoming mobile phone trends that will create a buzz both in the industry and amongst people.

  1. In display finger scanners

There is a handful of smartphones having in display finger scanner right now. The most recent is Vivo X21. Recently Oppo, OnePlus and Xiaomi have also realized their flagship phones containing this feature. But now the question is, why do we need an in display phone? For the simple reason that it allows manufacturers to have more room to integrate other things (5 rear cameras would any day be a better deal, right?).

Over 100 billion mobile handsets are expected to have in display finger sensors in 2019. Hence, it will be a game changer for android phones.

  1. 5G is there

5G will take over in 2019 and it is official. Many phone giants have confirmed 5G ready handsets for the next year. This will not only blow 3G and 4G in terms of speed and impact our day to day communication but will also create new opportunities for Virtual and augmented reality companies and the way people would anticipate them. And advancements in cloud computing can be foreseen- you can now look forward to loads of free space on your device.

  1. End to end display

After witnessing so many notch display smartphones this year, we will get to see a sharp inclination of the industry towards the dewdrop styled notch in the upcoming year. The manufacturers are ready to let go off notch. They are aiming at the screen to body ratio. To execute this, brands like Samsung are going for Infinite display.

In 2019, we can get to see a trend that innovates the mobile phone industry and further employs end to end display.

  1. Foldable phones

How will you feel when someone says,” Your smartphone can also take the shape of a book!” Foldable phones are hands down the most anticipated and celebrated trend to watch out for in 2019. The foldable design will not only ensure less damage to the phones upon breaking but also allows the bigger screens to take shape in smaller form factors.

Mobile Giants Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo are already gearing up for a foldable smartphone. It will be amusing to see how well these brands pull off the idea.

  1. Popup cameras module

All thanks to Vivo’s Apex, we are witnessing another quirky trend- the sliding camera module. The camera on Vivo Apex phone slides up whenever you turn on the front camera hence giving more space for the screen and other essentials.  With this innovation, it is pivoting the trends for the future. Xiaomi and Lenovo have also announced sliding cameras for their upcoming phones. Nonetheless, we are going to see some amazing smartphones with popup cameras in 2019.

  1. Minimalism in mobile aesthetics

The minimalistic design was the thing of softwares and websites till the last year. However, it has taken over the smartphone industry as well. In 2018, we’ve seen many phones, usually from the budget segment employing this. The chrome or golden bezel mounts which were popularly used in 2017 have been replaced by clean curved backs this year. This trend continues to follow in 2018 and would be picking up the pace in 2018.

  1. eSim technology

The launch of iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr which showed the glimpses of eSIM technology rocked the boats with its inception and made it clear that it is going to stay and would thrive in 2019. Although there is not much development in this sector at the moment since the technology is in nascent stages, there is no reason to say that embedded SIMs won’t be useful. eSIM is going to make people’s life hassle free and would be a boon for smartphone makers and telecom operators. It will further cut down the cost of manufacturing physical SIM card.

2019: A game changer in the smartphone industry

If you’re planning to buy a new phone in the New Year, keep these trends in mind. 2019 will break the stereotypes attached to mobile phones and its overall aesthetics. I can’t wait to see how tables are turned and what trends become mainstream in the upcoming year.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous new year!

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