Top Animated Logos Known Worldwide

With movement, logos can become more eye-catching and appealing. Companies use the technique to improve brand awareness, as motion boosts memorability. Dynamic logos require fewer interactions to be remembered. This field of design is constantly evolving, with new tricks devised all the time.

Motion designers have a wide arsenal of tools for the animation of corporate symbols. To learn how to create powerful logo animation in After Effects, go to where you can learn from pros. Here are six notable examples of logotypes.

1. Fox

Recently, Fox Entertainment has created a complimentary logo to convey its new brand identity. It is notable due to chunky letterforms. The resulting image communicates leadership and risk-taking. On its own, the new logo may have been confusing as the first letter looks like a ‘V’. Animation showing the transition helps clarify the change.

logo 1

2. WWF

This logo has only subtle movement, but it is perfect for the task. The corporate symbol of the World Wildlife Fund is visually appealing, and it immediately catches the eye. Sometimes, less is more. Design pros know that animation should not last too long or it will divert attention from the logo.

The classic logo was brought to life by Brien Hopkins who animated the panda for a campaign against Arctic drilling. The new design was so attractive that it has been used ever since. It is difficult to deny its charm.

3. Designtorget

Designtorget is a Scandinavian interior design store, and its symbol reflects the company’s mission well. This is a great example of how logos can tell background stories. You see the letters ‘D’ and ‘T’ turn into different furniture and tableware items. The general style communicates minimalism – a notable feature of the brand.

4. Yokohama

The famous tire manufacturer has a logo that combines an eye-catching image with sound. The technique is not new – just think of the memorable Intel chime or logos of popular movie studios. The combination boosts brand awareness, as it makes the company symbol more recognizable.

logo 2

5. Allvit

Allvit is an online book search depository based in Norway. The animated logo focuses on an element of the preceding logo, making it more easily noticeable. Here, the magnifying glass tells a story about searchability. This is the efficient use of negative space. In comparison, the FedEx logo also used negative space, but few people could distinguish the arrow between the letters.

6. Eat

You cannot go wrong with black and white – it is a timeless classic. Such logos are long-lived, as the colors communicate elegance. EAT is a food exhibition in Singapore. You see the letters ‘eat’ (become bolder), eventually turning into “FAT”.

These are a few of the most successful logos in motion. Of course, there are many more attention-grabbing designs. Use the works of recognized professionals to develop your own style and master the art. Brands need motion designers to breathe life into logos, which means your services will always be in demand.