Top Apps to Improve Productivity of Your Laptop in 2021

Even the most powerful Windows laptops need to be optimized sooner or later. Fortunately, the user does not have to clean the OS libraries and deal with the registry manually. Special productivity apps for windows and VPN applications for windows will remove system junk and optimize one click. You need to find the best solution. We bring the top programs for optimizing Windows to your attention, which can significantly increase the system’s speed and performance and clean the registry of outdated entries, errors, garbage, and irrelevant data.

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First on the list of windows productivity apps is TidyTabs. The application is straightforward and has a drag and drop function, and you can add tabs to all windows that you open on your laptop. A free and commercial program – TidyTabs works successfully with all Microsoft Windows devices. Therefore, the program can add the tabs you need instead of creating multiple browser windows.

Many users have voted TidyTabs, and the rating shows that it is the best tool for tabbing all windows. To fully enjoy all the features of this application, you need to install TidyTabs Pro. The developers have made sure that the program works successfully with all Windows versions, so whatever version you use, the program will support it. TidyTabs is a free version, but the number of open windows there is limited. The free version also gives you the ability to reorder or rename windows or close them with one click. You can find additional settings in the paid version.

To remove all possible restrictions and expand the program’s functions, you can install the Pro version, which costs $ 9.00. By switching to this version, tabs are automatically added to each window. If you have attached only one program, then the tabs will not open. Therefore the user will need to move the cursor to the top of the window to view the program tabs. You can view the tab at the top of the window or in the main title bar. The program quickly uses the drag-and-drop function, and you will be able to merge all windows into a single picture, and all the tabs will be semi-transparent.

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The second on the list of productivity apps for Windows 10 and other are VeePN. This is by far the best VPN. It is simple and very fast. All you have to do is register on the VeePN website, then download the app to start using the VPN right away without the need to configure anything. You can connect to many countries because the developers took care of their users and created a huge list of servers. You can enjoy an extensive network of VPN servers in 50 locations across 42 countries.

VeePN is available on laptops, computers, and mobile devices. One account can use the service on several different devices. The program also offers a trial so that every user can be convinced of the quality of services. Every user needs to use VeePN technology as this is the best VPN software for windows. VPN also performs the following functions:

  1. Data protection. Especially suitable for those users who like to connect to a free Wi-Fi connection and then find that their card data has been stolen. Such situations include gatherings in cafes and, in general, at any point with free Wi-Fi.
  2. Complete anonymity. When you open a new tab with the site, this action will be displayed on the provider’s server so that any employee of the company can track your journey on the Internet. By turning on the VPN, you will hide your browsing or browsing history using a different IP address.
  3. The program provides the ability to surf the Internet without obstacles.
  4. The program provides full access to all popular sites around the world.

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AquaSnap is a freeware Windows program that performs many functions simultaneously – that is, you can open many windows. AquaSnap was developed for both modern Windows and older ones. For example, such as Windows XP or 2000. To use the program, you need to go to the developer’s site and install it on your laptop. The program offers users an installer or a portable version. There are also many languages ​​available. But note that after installation AquaSnap automatically detects the language of your system and applies it for use. In the settings, you can change this function.

Once you install the AquaSnap software on your laptop, it will automatically load itself. No additional action is required. You can start using it right away. All additional settings are located in the Start menu. AquaSnap has created window snapping options that are easy to use. AquaSnap offers three settings: AquaSnap, Simple, and Advanced. One of the most extensive is Advanced, which gives the user eight different window snapping options. Using this option, you can simultaneously open four different windows with important information. The program also offers a binding parameter of the user’s choice.

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MultiMonitorTool is a program for simultaneous control of multiple monitors. This free utility will be useful to you if your desktop supports an extension to multiple monitors. It allows you to turn monitors on / off, move windows from one monitor to another, and install a primary monitor. The program is portable, supports previewing each monitor, working in the command line, and saving settings for all monitors.

The main window of MultiMonitorTool is divided into two panels. The first panel allows you to view all connected monitors, and the second – the processes displayed in each of them. The user can view the monitors’ properties such as extension, colours, frequency, orientation, maximum extension, adapter, device ID, and more.

The program allows you to quickly turn on or off individual monitors, install the main one, and change the screen extension. It is also possible to move windows between monitors. At the end of the work, MultiMonitorTool provides the ability to generate reports in HTML, TXT, CSV, HTML, or XML format. You can also save all current settings on a separate file and use them in the future.

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In the large pile of existing programs for listening to music on a computer, it is challenging to find a high-quality audio player for Windows and an excellent, convenient song manager. Add free, multilingual support, lightness, speed to your search parameters, and get MusicBee. Installing your music player is straightforward – it’s a standard procedure. In the end, you need to specify the language and the folder with the music to scan it with the player. As a result, we get the opened MusicBee player.

We should note the appearance of this beautiful audio player separately. You probably have not yet seen such a variety of configurations in players. Please note we are talking about configurations.

Here you are offered two main types: a mini-player, a compact player, and a theatre mode with a visualizer. The following are loaded very quickly from the Internet:

  • images of artists and albums;
  • group biographies;
  • lyrics to songs.

The music player’s main settings are located in the “Edit” – “Settings” menu. There are many of them, enough for the most fastidious user. The program has an exciting feature of the player – search for duplicate music files. In approximately one minute, you can delete all files that are duplicated.