Top Web Design Tips for Front End Developers

A front-end developer’s job is to turn the work of the web designer into reality. In order to do this effectively developers need to have some understanding of design. This is not as easy as it sounds which is why not every developer has sufficient understanding.

Even when a developer has the right qualifications such as a Diploma of Website Development, a lack of design understanding can have a detrimental impact on their work. Let’s take a look at some design aspects that developers should consider, but may not.

The aim is to match the design

This tip is probably more aimed at developers who do have some web design knowledge and are tempted to use it unwisely. They may try to have an impact on the design simply because they can.

This is not a good idea. The role of the developer is to match the design as closely as possible and not to try and put their own stamp on it.

Concentrating on typography is essential

Typography plays an important role in website design. This is why web designers spend so much time getting it right. A developer who has a designer’s typography to follow should do so exactly. This includes paying attention to aspects such as letter spacing and line spacing.

If a developer has to choose the typography themselves, they should invest a significant amount of time in doing so. It’s important to choose fonts that pair well. Any developer who is in doubt should consult a designer for help.

Seeing the big picture is vital

Front end developers are often responsible for developing part of a project. This means that they can sometimes concentrate on that aspect only. It’s important that any developer remembers to have the bigger picture in focus all the time. Doing so means they ensure that their part of the development fits within the whole design.

Keeping additions to a minimum is often a good idea

There may be times when a developer needs to add something to the design of a website. If the developer does not have a very strong grasp of design it’s a good idea to keep any changes to a minimum. The changes should only be what is necessary to bring the design to life.

Improvements should be discussed with a designer

There are times when a front end developer sees potential improvements that could be made to the design of a website. It’s usually a good idea to discuss these insights with the designer. This is because the designer may have already considered the option and discarded it for a particular reason.

Getting pixels right is important

Making sure to match the pixels in the original design is important for any front end developer. There may be occasions when complete perfection is not possible but the pixel match should be as close as it can be. It may not seem like being a pixel or two out would matter, but these slight differences add up to make a significant change to the original design.

These are some of the most significant facts that front end developers need to be aware of when it comes to matching the design of a website.

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