Trove: The Under The Radar Game You Are Been Missing Out

Are you looking for a game that gives you a break from Minecraft? Trove is an open-ended world that has countless realms with unique quests, chests, and enemies. Players are able to explore, create, and build through worlds that are level up. It has all the qualities of Minecract, but it has an animated renaissance feel to the game.

The overall appeal to the game is that its relaxing feel allows gamers to play freely. There are moments when you must fight the realm’s enemies, as well as bosses in each castle. However, you can construct  and craft your own house and fly a dragon if you level up high enough. For many reasons, Trove is the next free game you should want to install.

Explore and Discover

Roulette odds will tell you that new worlds are never the same and that is why Trove is always interesting. Each world holds a unique theme and owns a combination of environments and resources waiting for you to discover. The worlds renew quest objectives that you can complete daily or weekly.

Each realm features dungeons that are considered the boss of the castle. When you conquer the dungeon, you are rewarded with gear and perks. For the higher levels, you want to make sure that your character is primed with the highest level of gear and weapons out there. Otherwise, you will be smited very quickly.

Taken from Pixabay

In order to “beat” the game, you will need to complete quests and defeat the world bosses to gain higher rewards. Throughout the game, you have the ability to loot, which will help customize your character. You can level up by collecting loot, which you can use to craft/upgrade your armor or weapons. You can swap classes whenever you want, which also gives you access to other character abilities. The goal is to create the most powerful character in the game, no matter what the class is.

Building Time

At the beginning of the game, you will create your own Cornerstone, which is essentially your home. This part of the game really amplifies the gaming experience. Your Cornerstone will follow you from world to world. It contributes to the game by allowing you to create new weapons, creatures, and environments. If you and a group of friends want to create your own private Cornerstone, you can also do that as well.

The Storyline

This is the part that might turn some of you away. There is no storyline. The intrinsic value to this game is leveling up through the tower and experiencing new worlds. You can only access certain worlds when you are a high level. In order to level up, you must continuously grind out loot to construct higher level weapons and armor. This can be a tiring experience, which is why some can be turned off by the game. However, in groups, you are more likely to level up quicker because taking down dungeon bosses is easier. If you are willing to put in the time, the game has rewards, but it doesn’t have a competitive feel either.