Try These 3 Methods of Advanced Link-Building

Digital marketing is in a state of constant flux. It is unpredictable and demands that businesses continue to adjust their techniques. Experienced digital marketers understand that if you want to stay in the game, you need to consider advanced methods. In link building, for example, Google is heading towards a new direction. The new focus is on providing users with an enhanced experience.

Have you noticed how inconspicuous Google ads look now? People are more likely to click on them if they resemble regular search results. Google is also improving the speed at which searches lead to a desirable answer. The faster you get the result you want, the more satisfied you are.

With all these factors changing the game, online businesses need to think in the same vein as Google. Expert digital marketing firms like suggest focusing on building links that result in conversions and higher traffic right away. How do you do this?

Method 1: The Moving Man

This method is based on the observation that services, websites, and companies all undergo rebranding or at times are discontinued altogether. What happens is that links get redirected without site owners knowing. But unlike a regular broken link, this method refers to a redirected link. How do you take advantage of this method? What you need to do is find these “moving man” links and start an outreach to notify all URLs that link to it that it is rebranded. The purpose of this campaign is to convince these site owners to link using your site instead.

Method 2: Link Reclamation

Digital marketers love natural links. These are links that require no effort because the site finds your content relevant. Unfortunately, there are times when they refer to your content but do not link back. These mentions are an excellent opportunity to get a link from someone who already roots for you.

To do it right, find these mentions using any tool convenient for the purpose, like BuzzSumo. Once you see all these unlinked mentions, start reaching out to the site owners. You may also try a more proactive approach by using Google Alerts. This tool sends you an email notification as soon as there is an article that mentions your product or content.

Method 3: Educational Backlink

The perceived value of an educational backlink is the main reason why it is highly sought after. But what separates you from the rest is how you acquire it. Consider the following legitimate ways of getting an educational backlink:

  • If your product caters explicitly to students, you can offer discounts as a means of earning backlinks. Even for e-commerce sites, this technique works as long as your product is relevant and valuable in an academic setting.
  • Reach out to prominent members of an educational institution. You can either feature them in an article or request them to write a post.

Lastly, discover a teachable aspect related to your product and use this as the basis for your content. Once you’ve created a linkable asset valuable in an educational setting, you may start approaching schools, and other similar websites.

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