TRYX Panorama SE AIO Cooler With Curved Screen Breaks Cover at Computex

Back in April TRYX announced their Panorama SE all-in-one (AIO) liquid CPU cooler. The thing that really set this cooler apart from others was that the pump block itself featured a curved 1080p AMOLED screen on it. It actually wrapped around the pump block itself giving you viewing angles from both the front and side of your system. The only issue with this could be larger memory modules that could possibly block part of the screen. Maybe the CAMM2 modules we’ve seen recently could solve this.

TRYX Panorama SE AIO Cooler

TechPowerUp was able to get a closer look at the TRYX Panorama SE at Computex. One thing that is interesting about the pump block is that it is not a single piece as you can see in the photos below. You have the pump block itself and then on top of it you have a 60mm cooling fan. The there is the L-shaped bracket where the screen is and it sort of floats over the pump block.

TRYX Panorama SE AIO Cooler TRYX Panorama SE AIO Cooler

Another interesting revelation is that the 6.5-inch AMOLED screen will connect to your graphics card or other input source via HDMI. So unlike a lot of all-in-one units with screens that are limited to what their software allows you to do, this one you have complete freedom. TRYX will be offering these coolers in both 240mm and 360mm versions with the color option of white or black.

TRYX Panorama SE AIO Cooler

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