NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 Laptop Series To Launch Next Year With 16GB, 12GB And 8GB GDDR7 Options

NVIDIA is reportedly planning up to six variants of the GeForce RTX 50 series for laptops. This new generation, codenamed GN22, is slated for a 2025 release according to leaked Clevo roadmaps. A hacking group that showed interest in the company has now made these documents public.

The RTX 50 series will consist of six variants, codenamed X11, X9, X7, X6, X4, and X2, ranking from the highest to the lowest SKU. Clevo is designing two boards, each accommodating three of these variants. This implies the independent use of GB203 and GB205 GPUs, as well as GB206 and GB207 GPUs. However, the roadmaps indicate that these GPUs might not be pin-compatible.

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Interestingly, NVIDIA is not discontinuing its RTX 4050, RTX 3050, and RTX 2050 graphics cards, which will continue to be available in 2025. However, the RTX 2050 is expected to be replaced by the RTX 3050 4GB model later on.

A notable detail involves the memory configurations: NVIDIA is no longer planning a 6GB variant for its RTX 50 Laptop GPU series. Instead, there will be three SKUs with 8GB memory, two with 16GB, and one with 12GB, all utilizing GDDR7 memory. Additionally, further documents indicate that NVIDIA will be reducing the maximum TGP for some variants.


The roadmap indicates that the NVIDIA RTX 50 Laptop GPU series is set for release in 2025. GN22 Board 1 is scheduled to enter production in January 2025, with GN22 Board 2 expected to debut in March 2025.