AMD Radeon RX 8000 “RDNA 4” Graphics Card Featuring Flagship Navi 48 XTX GPU Spotted

Each generation of the Radeon series typically includes multiple GPUs and variants. However, the upcoming Radeon RX 8000 series might be disappointing in terms of GPU diversity. It’s reminiscent of the RX 5000 era when only two GPUs were introduced.

AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX 10.thumb .jpeg.e82f0c88762afc1aa5a425a4640fa4fd

The RDNA4 discrete GPU series will include two processors: Navi 48 and Navi 44. Navi 48 is anticipated to be the higher-tier product. Recently, a shipping manifest revealed the XTX variant of this processor.

The Navi 48 XTX could be the future GPU for the Radeon RX 8800 or RX 8700 series. The company has no plans for a higher-end GPU after abandoning a multi-chiplet design. Earlier rumors indicated that this GPU might feature 18 Gbps GDDR6 memory, and if the shipping manifest data is accurate, it could be manufactured by Samsung.


The current RDNA3 generation uses D702, D712, and D745 boards, but these names only indicate that they are new and have at least two variants. Recent rumors suggest that AMD will launch the Radeon RX 8000 series no earlier than Q1 2025, with a focus on the upper mid-range and mainstream segments. Despite numerous opportunities, such as the Computex keynote, AMD has not discussed its next-gen RDNA architecture in a long time.

Source: @Olrak29_, @harukaze5719