GeForce RTX 50 Blackwell GB20X GPU Specs Leaked

Last week, Kopite7kimi suggested that the configuration of the GB203 GPU differs from earlier expectations. Instead of having 96 Streaming Multiprocessors, the actual design includes 84 SMs. Despite our efforts, the leaker did not disclose the precise configurations of the other GPUs at that time.

However, today the leaker released the configurations for all five upcoming Blackwell GB20X processors. It is now confirmed that not all of them will share the same configuration as the RTX 40 series, though at least one will have an identical core count.

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The GB202 is still anticipated to have 12 GPCs and 8 TPCs per GPC, resulting in a total of 192 SMs (assuming 2 per TPC). However, this does not guarantee that NVIDIA will use this configuration for the final product, such as the RTX 5090. The retail version will likely have a reduced configuration to ensure good yields. Additionally, NVIDIA plans to use a 448-bit memory bus, although the GPU supposedly supports a 512-bit bus.

The GB203 has a 7×6 configuration, totaling 84 Streaming Multiprocessors. This GPU is confirmed to have a 256-bit memory bus, similar to the AD103 GPU. A notable new feature is its support for GDDR7 memory.

The GB205 is reported to have a 5×5 configuration, resulting in a total of 50 SMs, which is a decrease from the 60 SMs found in the AD104 of the Ada Lovelace series. The GB205 is expected to be the successor to the AD104.
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According to Kopite7kimi, there are two additional Blackwell GPUs: the GB206 and GB207. Both have a 128-bit memory bus, but only the GB206 supports GDDR7 memory, while the GB207 uses GDDR6 technology. The GB206’s configuration should match that of the AD106, but the GB207 will feature 20 SMs, down from the 24 SMs in the AD107.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 series is now anticipated to launch in early 2025, although the announcement might happen this year.

Source: Kopite7kimi