Intel Arc GPUs Featuring Hidden Power Connectors And Liquid-Cooling Shown Off By Sparkle

When it comes to Intel Arc GPUs, only two companies stand out: GUNNIR and Sparkle. Sparkle didn’t launch its Arc GPUs right away, but once they did, they offered a wide range of options. The company is now pushing the boundaries of innovation even further.

COMPUTEX 2024 Sparkle 13

During Computex, Sparkle unveiled three intriguing Arc-based GPUs. Among them, one stood out with a BTF design, reminiscent of ASUS’s “Back to The Future” series, with hidden power connectors. ASUS pioneered a motherboard and GPU design utilizing an additional PCI slot exclusively for power supply, rather than traditional connectors. The similarity in appearance suggests collaboration between the two companies.

COMPUTEX 2024 Sparkle 10

Indeed, Sparkle showcased their card linked to an ASUS TUF BTF board in one of the demonstration setups, affirming their with ASUS power delivery. These connectors have a capacity of up to 600W and are also utilized by the RTX 4090 GPU. This configuration substitutes the 12VHWPR connector, eradicating the necessity for any cables to the GPU, as the connector directly connects to the motherboard.

advanced btf 1 v2

Sparkle also unveiled its hybrid and fully liquid-cooled GPU concepts. Although ARC GPUs typically don’t warrant water cooling due to their modest power demands, Sparkle might be gearing up for the forthcoming generation of Intel Battlemage GPUs, which could demand more power. Nonetheless, Sparkle appears poised with its designs.

advanced btf 4 v2

The company introduced a hybrid cooling setup incorporating integrated liquid cooling, akin to what we discussed previously regarding the MSI FUZION series. Another design showcases an external AIO cooler, commonly found in high-TDP models like the RTX 4080/4090, though less common for a 225W Arc GPU.

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Sparkle is certainly a company worth keeping an eye on. Since its departure from the consumer GPU market, its comeback has ignited several compelling designs, and the company appears fully committed to Arc GPUs, irrespective of their launch date.

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Source & Images: Benchlife, ASUS