Tt eSPORTS Black V2 Gaming Mouse Review

Setup & Software
The Black V2 will work right out of the box, this means you do not need any drivers for it to work. You can plug it right into your PC and then start gaming. You will notice that the Tt eSPORTS logo on the front of the mouse and the scroll wheel will light up bright red.

Tt eSPORTS Black V2 Gaming Mouse

Now if you want to do any customization to the mouse, set macro’s or adjust the lighting effects you will need to install the companion software from Tt eSPORTS. The companion software is not all that in-depth but will allow you to fully customize the mouse.


The main window of the software gives you a full rundown of all of the buttons on the mouse and allows you to change the mouse function for each button. There are a total of 5 different profiles you can customize. You can also put the mouse in battle mode where the illumination effects will change according to clicking frequency.


If you click on the performance setting you can set four different performance settings that can be toggled via the sensitivity-rotate button on the mouse. You are able to set your DPI level, light-off control and polling rate. As far as lighting options you are able to turn the lighting on the Tt eSPORTS logo and scroll wheel off.


When it comes to macros you have the ability to record your own macros, import and export macros and even set delay times.

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