Types of Backlinks That Can Add More Fuel to Your SEO Efforts

Backlinks are links to your website’s pages that appear on other blogs, social networking platforms, directories, and other online locations. Link building or obtaining backlinks from reputable sources informs search engines that your content is valuable and reliable.

Any high-ranking web page usually has a variety of high-quality incoming links. There is a strong connection between the number of good links pointing to a site and its search engine visibility.

Types of Backlinks to Fuel SEO Efforts

Here are the most favorite backlinks among the SEO community that promise better search engine ranking and site authority:

Guest Blogging Backlinks

A guest post is when the author publishes an article on the webmaster’s blog in exchange for a link on the web post. High-quality backlinks can be created to do a lot for your positioning because they are usually contextual, relevant, authority links.

One key is to have high-quality content that adds value to the webmaster’s website. The good part is that it may be a recurrent source of links if you have a good relationship with an important and reputable website.

Editorial Backlinks

Editorial backlinks are links to your high-quality content on some other authoritative website. The main purpose of this connection is to support their work and share valuable information with the people.

A common element of this type of linking process is the organic and natural occurrence of everything. For example, until the journalist has finished creating a link to your website, you would not even know him/her.

The best way to generate great editorial backlinks is to produce high-quality, shareable, original content that would be very popular with other sites in your niche. It might include guidelines, tutorials, and case studies.

Backlinks in Business Profiles

In most cases, you can include a link to your website when creating an online profile for a company. For digital marketers, directory listings are regarded as an easily accessible source of backlinks.

Make profiles on well-known directories or review sites in your industry, such as Yellow Pages, Capterra, Yelp, and so on. As long as the directory is trustworthy, you can also build more links to it. When it comes to building links on niche directories, outsourcing link building will save you a lot of time.

Webinar Links

Webinars provide effective content for sites to link to. Websites often include webinars and a link and mention of your brand in their pages. To reach these backlinks, use blog promotion tactics.

If you post the recordings on your blog, you can see more links. Try to write a transcript to reach people and to improve organic SEO. These webinars may attract viewers and are used for future guest blogs.

Free-tool Backlinks

You can build simple tools to solve people’s problems in the same way you aim to empower them with helpful content and tips. Backlinks to small tools or plugins are very common but very effective.

Promote the tool with websites with a similar audience to yours, as well as your guest blogging site goals, to facilitate backlinks.

Acknowledgment Backlinks

When a website references another website for a partnership or sponsorship, it is known as an acknowledgment backlink. These links usually don’t provide much information about the brand or what they do. They mention that the brand has made a donation or is sponsoring an event.

Backlink checkers can obtain this particular form of backlink. These SEO tools can assist you in determining which websites your competitors use to find backlinks. A thorough review can aid you in devising a strategy for obtaining a higher number of good-quality backlinks.

Comment Link Building

You can link to comments by reading other blogs to get news and information about your field. You may also link to websites that allow you to comment.

To avoid Google indexing you as a spammer, you should add links to comments profiles on high-profile and relevant websites. Please ensure that your comments are helpful to other readers so that more of them see you.


Each company enjoys showing its customer’s reviews. It helps them build their credibility and increase their sales. Most companies that sell a product or service also accept customer testimonials and link to their website or social profile.

If you need to outsource your link-building activities, numerous SEO professionals provide these services to get you the exposure you need from this entire exercise. A backlinking expert can implement the right strategies for your website to earn as many backlinks as possible. Hence, finding the right one is also equally important.