Ubisoft Is Bringing Far Cry 6 to Steam Next Month

Good news for gaming enthusiasts! Ubisoft is gradually transferring its flagship games to the Steam store, which is a popular platform for gamers. Many of Ubisoft’s popular titles for PC were previously exclusive to their Connect service and the Epic Games Store, which caused frustration among fans of the Far Cry series on PC.

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One particular entry has been tied to these two e-shops since its launch in October 2021, and fans have been raising their voices about it. However, the timed agreement between Ubisoft and Epic Games is about to end, and on May 11th, Far Cry 6 will be available on Steam.

In 2019, Ubisoft made the decision to stop releasing games on Steam, which was met with immediate backlash from PC gamers. They announced that The Division 2 would be released exclusively on Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store, and it was expected that upcoming titles would follow suit. However, rumors started circulating in late 2022 that Ubisoft might be considering a return to Steam. Soon after, they started releasing major franchise titles, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Immortals Fenyx Rising, on the platform.

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Now, Ubisoft has announced the release dates for several upcoming games on Steam, including Far Cry 6 on May 11th, Riders Republic on June 8th, Rainbow Six Extraction on June 15th, and Monopoly Madness on June 22nd.

Via PC Gamer News

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