UL Corporation Announces Two New Benchmarks Coming to PCMark 10

UL Corporation today announces that two new benchmark tests that will soon be coming to PCMark 10. The first is our eagerly awaited PCMark 10 battery life benchmark. The second is a new benchmark test based on Microsoft Office applications.

PCMark 10 Battery Life benchmark
Battery life is one of the most important criteria for choosing a laptop, but consumers and businesses alike find it hard to compare systems fairly. The challenge, of course, is that battery life depends on how the device is used. Unfortunately, manufacturers’ claims are often based on unrealistic scenarios that don’t reflect typical use. Figures for practical, day-to-day battery life, which are usually much lower, are rarely available.

PCMark 10 introduces a new approach to battery life benchmarking – the PCMark 10 Battery Life Profile. Instead of producing a single number, the PCMark 10 Battery Life Profile provides a broad view of battery life across four common scenarios: modern office work, video, gaming, and idle time.

Comparing the battery life profiles of different models will give you a much better understanding of each device’s relative strengths. Battery life profiles will also help your readers find the devices that best meet their own personal needs.

The PCMark 10 Battery Life benchmark will be coming to PCMark 10 toward the end of March.

PCMark 10 Applications benchmark
Enterprise and government procurement managers often like to test and compare PC performance with the work apps they use everyday.

The PCMark 10 Applications benchmark is a new test that is based on Microsoft Office applications. Featuring tests that run in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Edge, the PCMark 10 Applications benchmark helps you measure practical, real-world performance and battery life for the modern office.

You will also be able to benchmark the latest Snapdragon-powered Always Connected PCs running Windows 10 on ARM, with results that are comparable with scores from traditional x86-based devices.

The PCMark 10 Applications benchmark will be released in the first half of 2019.

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