Unboxing the Cooler Master X6 Elite CPU Cooler

Today we are checking out one of Cooler Master’s latest CPU coolers the X6 Elite. This CPU cooler has a very unique design as the heatsink base and fins are angled for better airflow from the front intake fans on your case. The X6 Elite also features 6 large copper heatpipes, a 120mm intake fan and honeycomb-designed heatsink fins. The is a universal cooler so it will fit the latest Intel and AMD sockets including LGA 2011 and AMD’s F1. Read on to check out our unboxing and overview video!

Product Link: Click Here
Provided By: Cooler Master
Purchase: Newegg
Information: It is a budget builder’s dream. Being amongst the best value for the dollar in CPU cooling, X6 Elite focuses less on aesthetic flair and incorporates minor changes to performance to achieve a well balanced setup. A unique angled base assists in compatibility and improving overall airflow within a chassis. Six heat pipes and a honeycomb fin structure assist in dissipating heat quickly to keep CPUs cool under high loads.

– Unique honeycomb fin structure achieves maximum surface area coverage and cooling performance.
– Heat sink base and fins angled for better cold air intake from chassis fans – creating optimal air flow and heat dissipation.
– Ease installation with a quick-snap fan bracket design.
– Extra air flow provided by a special air duct.
– Wide range PWM fan (600 – 1800 R.P.M.) providing versatile performance while idle and at full load.

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