Uninstall QuickTime From Your PC Now!

If you have Apple’s QuickTime installed on your PC it is a good idea to remove it. The Department of Homeland security has issued a warning that recommends removing QuickTime for Windows after Trend Micro, a cybersecuity firm, reported finding two critical vulnerabilities in the program. Typically these would be address by Apple and fixed, but it seems Apple will no longer be supporting the software for Windows.


For most users QuickTime was automatically installed on your Windows PC if you happened to installed iTunes. QuickTime for Windows was never really supported on Windows 8 or 10 and the last security update for the software was released back in January.

In a blog post yesterday Trend Micro wrote that they had reported the vulnerabilities to Apple, but Apple did not fix them and does not plan to. The flaws could be exploited by cyber-attackers to allow them to open a malicious website or open an unsafe file.

If you still happen to have QuickTime installed on your Windows PC now would definitely be a good time to remove it. This is the only way to protect your PC from a potential attack using the vulnerabilities in QuickTime.

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