Unreleased Quad-slot NVIDIA RTX 40 GPU Cooler Prototype Features A Hidden Fan

Initially, NVIDIA had intended to launch a large quad-slot cooling design for its RTX 40 series GPUs. However, the company later decided to drop this idea and opt for a more conventional approach. Throughout the development process, they showcased various prototypes of this cooling system in different forms and colors, indicating that they hadn’t finalized specific SKUs. Over the past year, pictures of these prototype coolers have been gradually released, leading to speculation that they might never be implemented in real products.

IMG 6818

Despite the change in plans, it’s fascinating to get a glimpse of what NVIDIA had envisioned for its flagship desktop GPU. The proposed card would have had a PCB mounted at a 90-degree angle to the PCIe interface, and recently, it was revealed that the design included a clever triple-fan cooling setup, with the third fan discreetly hidden inside the massive heatsink.

IMG 6819

Once again, the latest images were shared by the same source (Hayaka) who had previously leaked similar pictures. This indicates that the individual likely has access to most of the cooling solution, although the PCB part has not been revealed yet.

IMG 6820

The owner mentioned that the card’s cooler was specifically designed with 22 heat pipes and a vapor chamber to accommodate the unique PCB placement. Notably, the arrangement of cables was also distinct, with the 12VHPWR cable looping around the heatsink, as there were no other points of attachment due to the repositioning of the PCB.

IMG 6821

There have been recent rumors suggesting that NVIDIA might not proceed with the release of the RTX 4090 Ti graphics card. However, there is no indication of cancellation plans for the TITAN ADA model, which was spotted showcasing the characteristic TITAN series color scheme at some point.

Source & Images Credit: Hayaka/Goofish