Upcoming Intel 20-Core i7-14700KF CPU With 6.0 GHz OC Spotted On Geekbench

Geekbench, a well-known platform for CPU performance metrics, has unveiled a fresh benchmark that highlights Intel’s upcoming 14th Generation processors. Notably, the Core i7-14700K and 14700KF models stand out for their anticipated substantial enhancements compared to the 13th Gen series, primarily attributed to a boost in core count.

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The latest version of Geekbench software now possesses the ability to identify distinct CPU core clusters. It has unveiled an intriguing detail about the i7-14700KF model, which showcases an unconventional setup comprising 8 P-Cores and 12 E-Cores. Furthermore, despite an official boost clock of 5.6 GHz, in-depth analysis of the Geekbench JSON output reveals that the CPU has actually reached even higher clock speeds, peaking at 5.98 GHz. This hints at the possibility of the CPU being overclocked, either manually or through BIOS settings, a feature that aligns with rumored offerings from MSI.

The CPU in focus underwent testing using a Gigabyte Z790 AORUS Master X motherboard, which belongs to the recently updated Z790 series explicitly engineered to accommodate the 14th Generation Core series processors. These motherboards are customized to seamlessly support the latest CPU generation from the moment they are unboxed, even demonstrating their compatibility by handling memory capacities of up to 48GB, possibly facilitated by a 2x 24GB kit.

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During the conducted test, the CPU attained a score of 3097 points in the single-core benchmark and an impressive 21196 points in the multi-core test. It’s crucial to emphasize that attempting to draw meaningful comparisons with the Core i7-13700K’s results may be misleading, given that the tested CPU had undergone overclocking, as mentioned earlier.

Intel has not officially announced the release date for its forthcoming LGA1700 CPU lineup. Nevertheless, it has been confirmed that the launch date for the new desktop CPU range is set for October 17th.

Via Geekbench