Upcoming Intel Core i5-13400 Tested In CPU-Z

The Intel Core i5-13400 is a 65W CPU that will be available for the LGA1700 socket in the near future. The CPU is expected to be a part of Intel’s 13th Generation Core family, with the codename “Raptor Lake,” although it should be noted that this specific CPU will be available with two different dies, called Raptor B0 and Alder C0, respectively.

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This CPU has 4 efficient cores and 6 performance cores. The most notable difference from its predecessor (i5-12400), which relied exclusively on Performance cores, is the inclusion of Efficient cores.

According to the leak, the maximum frequency of the CPU Performance cores is 4.6 GHz, which is 200 MHz greater than its predecessor. Screenshots taken with CPU-Z reveal single-core scores of 729.3 and multi-core scores of 6591 for a sample of the yet-to-be-released 10-core 13th Gen Core CPU.

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Both of these results are 3 and 31% better than the i5-12400. When compared to the Core i5-12600K, which has the same configuration but higher clocks and TDP, this is around 6% slower in both ST and MT tests.

Although Intel has not yet announced the sale date for its 65W and 35W Raptor Lake CPUs, it is anticipated that we will receive further information on the remaining 16 SKUs by the end of this year.